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June 2006



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The 5th Africa jamboree is finally here. The League of Scouts of
Mozambique extends invitations to Scouts and their leaders in Africa and
beyond. Read on for the full details of this important event:


21st July to 31st July, 2006


Maputo, Antonio Repinga Park, Matola, Catembe, Xefina, Konglote and


Community is Scouts' mission; Fight against Poverty for Justice and Pea=
ce, Equality and Respect for the Environment.


  1. Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of scouting in Mozambique, and
    highlighting its tremendous contribution to the education of African
    youth and to various achievements at the local, regional and
    international levels;
  2. Supporting the preparations to the 13th World MOOT to be hosted by
    Mozambique in 2008;
  3. Workshops and actions: Fight against poverty, justice and peace,
    equality and respect for the environment
  4. Enhancing scouting brotherhood and exchange of experience between
    participants from various countries.


Scouts both boys and girls aged between 12 to 19 years old. All
participants are supposed to complete and return the necessary application
forms. Contingent Leaders are asked to bring consent forms for all their
participants duly signed by their respective parents or guardians.

Scout Associations should submit lists of all their participating Scouts,
leaders and International Service Teams (IST) to the Organising Committee.
A patrol should be composed of 9 Scouts and 1 Leader.


All participants are expected to arrive on 24th July 2006, at Antonio
Repinga Park for registration and subsequent transfer to Matola Camp,
which is the main camping location. All contingents are should
communicate their times and means of arrival be it by air, by bus, by
train or by private means.

Contingent leaders should ensure that all their participants are in
possession of relevant and valid travel documents like passport and visa
where required.

For those participants travelling through South Africa please note that a
South Africa transit visa is required.


All Scouts, leaders and IST will pay their registration fee on arrival, as
follows, per participant: Scouts and Leaders: US$ 100
International Service Team: US$ 80


* All Scouts will camp in tents while leaders and IST will be accommodated
in dormitories and shared bedrooms.
* Indoor toilets and showering facilities will be available on site.

What to carry:

1 Personal effects:

Scout uniform for official ceremonies, warm clothing (please note that
July will be winter season in Mozambique), comfortable sports and hiking
shoes, plate, cup, spoon, change of clothes, swimming costumes, extra
t-shirts for screen printing, cap, sleeping bag or blankets, sleeping mats
and any other essential personal effects.

Personal items should be clearly marked. These items should be packed in a
rucksack. Participants should take care of any valuable items they may
bring along.

2 Group gear:

All contingents should carry tents enough to accommodate all their
participants and a fully equipped basic First Aid kit.


All meals will be provided for from the evening (dinner) of 24th July 2006
until the morning (breakfast) of 31st July 2006. There will be central
catering during the Jamboree.


Activities will include Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Global Development
Village (GDV), Campfire, offsite activities, music, night games among
others. Participants are asked to prepare items for presentation and come
along with music instruments if possible.


Those participants on medication should carry them. Paramedics will be on
site to take care of any emergencies. Contingents are advised to seek
medical insurance cover.


The local currency is Mozambique Metical (MZM)
1 British pound = 47,117.08 MZM
1 US $ = 26,048.97 MZM
1 EURO = 32,906.73 MZM
1 SA Rand = 3,836.30 MZM

Further information on the event can be obtained through: www.scouting.org.za/africa/jamboree

Or contact the organising committee on
scout.moz@tvcabo.co.mz or african_jamboree2005@yahoo.com.br


1st Camporee for the Scouts of Sud kivu

Dates: 20th - 27th July 2006

Where: Groupe Scolaire Weza, Nyangez, Sud Kivu,
Democratic Republic of Congo

Theme: Peace and 100 years of Scouting

For further information, contact:
Jean-Jacques Bagalwa Murhandikire
Provinicial Commissioner
Email: jjbanur@yahoo.fr or fescout_sudkivu@yahoo.fr
Tel: +243 997733995 or +243 811655200

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