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March 2001 Issue 1


  1. Welcome to <iDespatch>!
  2. First Africa Scout Summit
  3. 11th Africa Scout Conference
  4. Africa Scout Day
  5. 5th Africa Jamboree
  6. International Events

1. Welcome to <iDespatch>!

from the Africa Regional Office

Beginning this March, the Africa Scout Office has launched a new communication tool - <iDespatch>.

This newsletter will only be available via email and will be produced monthly in English and French. For a start, <iDespatch> will be used as a management tool, targetting our National Member Associations in the Region. Those National Associations who have not yet installed email facilities will be sent a copy of <iDespatch> through the fax.

As a matter of policy, <iDespatch> will not be distributed in hard copies through the post.

We encourage our National Associations to endeavour to have email facilities, at least in their headquarters since this is so far the cheapest, most effective and reliable means of communication.

In order to make sure that you receive all future issues of <iDespatch>, simply send an email immediately to subscribe.idespatch@africa.scout.org. See the end of this issue for more information on how to subscribe to <iDespatch>.

Look our for your copy of <iDespatch> by the second week of every month.

2. First Africa Scout Summit

Mafeking South Africa

The first ever Africa Scout Summit will take place in Mafeking, South Africa from 5 to 11th May 2001. The theme of the Summit is "Better Scouting for more young Africans".

The Summit will mainly focus on discussing and finalising the Ten year development plan for Scouting in Africa, in preparation for its adoption in September this year by the 11th Africa Scout Conference in Gabon from 3rd to 7th September 2001.

The Summit also aims at strengthening Scouting at national level in order to contribute more effectively in poverty alleviation, promotion of sustainable development and in playing a significant role in peace Education in Africa.

Every member Association in the region is invited to send at least two national Scout leaders (Chief Commissioner, International Commissioner and/or Executive Commissioner). Invitations for the Summit have also been sent to other youth service organizations in the Region and beyond.

The Summit is expected to bring together over 100 participants representing National Scout Associations in the Region, members of World and the Africa Scout Committees, members of the World and the Africa Scout Foundations and various development agencies.

Registration for participation is open until 30th March 2001.

Details on the Summit are available from:

The Regional Director, Africa Regional Office


The Summit Secretariat, Cape Town Operations Centre

3. 11th Africa Scout Conference

Libreville, Gabon

The Africa Regional Office of the World Organisation of Scout Movement (WOSM) has sent invitations to all WOSM members in the Region to participate in the 11th Africa Scout Conference.

The event will be hosted by the Gabonese Federation of Scouting from 3rd to 7th September 2001, at the Omar Bongo National University of Gabon in Libreville.

At the same time, the 2nd Youth Forum will be hosted parallel to the Conference, by the same National Scout Organisation and will be at the National Polytechnic College.

National Associations are requested to send advance bookings for their delegates giving all the necessary travel details.

More details can be obtained from the host committee or the Regional office at the following addresses:

Africa Regional Office


Federation of Gabonese Scouting
Fax: +241/77 46 98

National Scout Associations interested in hosting the 13th Africa Scout Conference are invited to fill in the related form and and send it to the Africa Regional Office before 30th June 2001.

4. Africa Scout Day

13th March

All National Scout Associations in the Africa Scout Region who are members of WOSM are reminded to start their preparations for the celebration of the Africa Scout Day on the 13th of March.

It is important to utilise this occasion for image building and for the promotion of Scouting in Africa. This can be achieved by organising various events and activities that will benefit both the Scouts and the community. Scouts could also organise media coverage for their activities on that day.

At the Regional office, we shall appreciate it if National Associations could send reports of their activities accompanied by good quality photographs for our Regional Bulletin.

Please make the Africa Scout day a day worthy of its name!

5. 5th Africa Jamboree

Call for hosting

The Africa Scout Committee has sent out invitations to WOSM members associations in the Region to host the 5th Africa Jamboree.

National Associations willing to bid for hosting the event in the year 2004 should notify the Regional Office not later than 30th April 2001.

A circular from Mr. Abdoulaye Sar, the Acting Regional Directsor for Africa, dated 12th February 2001 to all International Commissioners states in part, "Organising such an event requires a lot of time and the organisers will have to rely on support from their respective Governments and many other Organisations. For an event of this kind, the host country must provide the necessary facilities, services and personnel. Furthermore, tremendous effort is necessary to secure substantial financial support."

The 4th Africa Scout Jamboree was hosted in Nairobi by the Kenya Scouts Association in August 2001. It was attended by more than 3,000 Scouts from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Great Lakes Region, Mauritius, Seychelles, Zambia, Sudan, Ghana, Comoros, Slovenia, Denmark, Scotland, Sweden, Finland and Poland.

Offers to host the 5th Africa Jamboree should be sent to:

Regional Director, Africa Regional Office

6. International Events

From Around the World

1) The Scout Centenary in 2007

Plan early!

The year 2007 will be a unique occasion for the Scout Movement, not only to celebrate 100 years of Scouting, but also to roll on to a second century of "bringing better Scouting to more young people".

All National Scout Organisations/Associations are advised to start planning early to celebrate this occasion in the year 2007 and to participate in the important international events planned in the United Kingdom:

2) International Year of Volunteers 2001

The United Nations General Assembly has declared the year 2001 as the International Year of Volunteers. Consequently, Dr. Jacques Moreillon, Secretary General of WOSM has encouraged all National Scout Organisations (NSOs) and Associations (NSAs) to become involved in the activities of the International Year of Volunteers.

Visit the following website for more details: