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April 2001 Issue 3


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Familiarization Tour of Europe

As part of his familiarization tour, the new Africa Regional Director, Kinuthia Ng'ang'a Murugu visited some Scout Associations in the European Scout Region during which time he held discussions with various leaders on their future cooperation with the Africa Scout Region.

It was an opportune time for him to popularize the Ten Year development plan which is in the final stages of completion. The plan will form the core of discussions during the forthcoming Africa Scout Summit in Mafikeng, South Africa in May. After the Summit, a final version of the plan will be produced ready for adoption at the 11th Africa Scout Conference in Gabon this year. Once adopted, the plan will provide a basis for coordination and cooperation between the Africa Scout Region and the various partners.


Mr. Murugu was in France between 23rd and 26th March. He held discussions with the executive staff of Scouts de France during which he presented the 10 year development plan.

Mr Murugu also held discussions with the Deputy Regional Commissioner of the Isle de la Reunion. At the Eclaireurs et Eclaireurs Unionist de France administrative council which he attended, Mr. Murugu presented the Ten year develpment plan and also discussed future cooperation with the Region.


Between 3rd and 4th April, Mr. Murugu visited The Scout Association in UK where he had meetings with Mr. Derek Twine, the Chief Executive among other executives of the The Scout Association. Among other issues discussed, Mr. Murugu presented the Ten year development plan to Derek.

Derek expressed the The Scouts Association's interest to continue in their cooperation with Scouting in Africa. Mr. Murugu also held a meeting with Ms. Claire Kelly, the Executive Director of Scouting 2007 (Jamboree and world celebrations in the UK). Among other plans being explored for the Centenary celebrations is the possibility of promoting visits to the Founders' final resting place in Nyeri, Kenya.


Regional Subcommittee to produce a management tool

The Adult Resources Management Subcommittee of the Africa Regional Office will publish an Adult Resources Management Policy tool for the Region before the next Africa Scout Conference in September this year.

The document, which will be produced in English and French, will guide National Scout Associations/Organizations to design their own Adult Resources Management policies.

This was part of the outcome of a four day meeting of the Committee in Dakar between 1st and 4th April this year. During the meeting, Mr. Antoine Gizenga from the Rwanda Scout Association was elected Chairman.


The Headquarters of Kenya Scouts Association

The Kenya Scouts Association, in close working relations with the Africa Regional Office will work towards upgrading the Rowallan Scout Camp in Nairob with a view to having it accepted as a Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENE) Centre.

This was agreed upon at a one day workshop on 22nd April at the Rowallan camp which was attended by the Rowallan Camp Management Subcommittee of the Kenya Scouts National Executive Committee and Executive staff of the Africa Regional Office.

Rowallan Scout Camp is the headquarters of the Kenya Scouts Association and also houses the offices of the Africa Scout Region. It is a woodland within the Ngong forest, about 17 Kilometers from the city of Nairobi. The camp is situated on 90 acres of natural forest out of which only 30 acres have been utilized. The potential of the camp lies in its location and size and accessibility both by road and by air. If well equipped, the camp can host over 10,000 campers at a time.

The camp is often used as a transit Centre by Scouts from all over the world to visit Nyeri, the resting place of B-P, the Founder of the Scout Movement and his wife Olave.

The workshop recommended the upgrading of the camp into a SCENE, in accordance with the SCENEs charter published by the World Scout Bureau.

Activities will be geared towards rehabilitation and upgrading existing facilities and putting up new facilities. As an immediate plan of action, the meeting agreed to work on programs in the areas of Education, Infrastructure, Security, Fundraising and Marketing. The working committee will then approach partners and well wishers for assistance to implement the programs.


Scouts in the Great Lakes Region, Africa

The partnership of Scouts in the Great Lakes Region of Africa will hold a one day forum in Nairobi this coming October. The Forum is aimed at providing an opportunity to reflect on actions that would be capable of giving new impetus to the Scout peace education program which the Associations of the Great Lakes Region have been running for the last four years.

The aim of such a program is to involve Scouts from this region in the search for peace, conflict prevention, and reconciliation advocacy among the local, national and sub-regional communities.

The one day forum is expected to draw participation from the the Scouts of the great lakes region, the Africa Scout Office and the various partners operating in the sub-region.

The Partnership of Scouts of the Great Lakes Region are seeking financial assistance from interested partners to enable them to host the one day peace forum in Nairobi.

"It is our conviction that together we can change the attitudes of the Sub-Region and promote a dynamic policy of reconciliation, partnership, solidarity and brotherhood in order to prepare for a happy future of the youth in that region."

Details about the peace forum and the peace education in the Great Lakes Region (Rwanda, Burundi, D.R. Congo) can be obtained from:

Gilbert Musumba
Executive Secretary
Partnership of Scouts of the Great Lakes Region


Getting back on its feet

Scouting in Rwanda is getting back on its feet as the country recovers from years of civil strife. The Scouts have embarked on rehabilitating their Scout Centre.

On the occasion of the Africa Scout Day on the 13th of March this year, an important celebration was organized at the regional stadium of Butare to relaunch the National Scout Training Centers.

The association is looking for assistance to rebuild Scouting in Rwanda.

The Scouts Canada has expressed, their interest in extending assistance to Rwanda, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Commenting on the situation in Rwanda, John Gemmill, the International Commissioner, Scouts Canada wrote: "We in Scouts Canada are delighted that Scouting in Rwanda is gradually returning to a normal situation, and that training in happening again ... We try to understand the suffering which has occurred, and are entirely sympathetic to your efforts, and those of your colleagues in the country who are trying to rebuild in very difficult circumstances."

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