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April 2002 Issue 13


  1. Great Lakes Jamboree
  2. Partnership between Namibia and the KFUM-Spejderne of Denmark
  3. Experience Scouting in Africa without coming to Africa
  4. 36th World Scout Conference
  5. Forthcoming events
  6. Visit the Africa Scout Website

1. Great Lakes Jamboree

Together Towards Sustainable Peace and Development in the Great Lakes Sub Region

As the Africa Region proposes a project on peace education as part of the 10 Year Development plan for Scouting in Africa, the Scouts in Great Lakes region in Africa are planning a sub regional Jamboree on Peace. The Jamboree is scheduled to take place in Gitega, the second largest city in Burundi after Bujumbura, from 11th to 18th of August 2002. The theme of the Jamboree is "Together towards sustainable peace and development in the Great Lakes Sub region." This theme reflects the main aspiration of the people of the Great Lakes sub region of Africa. Since their independence, the countries of this sub region have been shaken by ethnic or tribal violence that reached its height with the outbreak of the civil war in Burundi in 1993, the Rwanda genocide of 1994 and the civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1996. The aftermath of these situations have been numerous: increasing number of refugees and displaced persons, destruction of socio- economic infrastructures, aggravation of poverty, escalating spread of HIV/Aids, increase of soial and econmic inequalities among others.

The choice of this theme is an invitation to the young people to be aware of their role in strenghthening and safeguarding peace and development in the Great Lakes sub region.

The Jamboree is open to Scouts aged 14 to 18 years of age. Registration fee for participants outside of the sub region is thirty US Dollars covering meals, transport within Burundi and activities. International travel costs are not included. Registration deadline is 1st July 2002.

Futher details about the Jamboree can be obtained from the Secretariat of the Great Lakes Scouts.

2. Partnership between Nambia and the KFUM-Spejderne of Denmark

Reports a successful completion

At the World Scout Conference in Paris in 1990, the first contact between the Scouts of Namibia and KFUM ­ Spejderne of Denmark was established. It took some years before the contact was further developed, but after the Marrakech Symposium in 1994, representatives from KFUM-Spejderne paid their first visit to Namibia. Since then, there has been a formal cooperation between the two Scout Associations.

The partnership between the Scouts of Namibia and KFUM-Spejderne had the following objectives:

The cooperation formally ended in 2001 and evaluated in February 2002. The evaluation excercise revealed that the partnership was succesuful in line with the set objectives. The most long lasting impact was identified as the cultural exchange between scouts and the establishment of the scout centre.

The partnership has led to an increased number of scouts and woodbadge holders due to the recruitment and training activities.

3. Experience Scouting in Africa without coming to Africa

Visit the Africa Room at Kandersteg International Scout Centre

The concept of having an Africa Room at the Kandersteg International Centre was developed last year with the active encouragement of John Moffat, the Centre's director. In the course of last year, the Regional office collected various artefacts that would be used to decorate this room. The Chairman of the World Scout Committee finally officially inaugurated this room on 14th March with Dr. Marie-Louise Correa and Constantinos Tsantilis, members of the World Scout Committee in attendance. Also present were Dr. Atif, General Commissioner of the Sudan Scout Association, Jocylyene Gendrin, Regional Director for the European Region the President of the Kandersteg Municipality as well as John Moffat, Director of Kandersteg and all his staff. It was a very colourful and joyous occasion. The Africa Room will afford visitors to Kandersteg an opportunity to learn more about scouting in Africa.

4. 36th World Scout Conference

From Mission to Strategy

A provisional Agenda for the 36th World Scout Conference is now out and has been circulated. The theme of the Conference is 'From Mission to Strategy'. At the Conference, it is expected that delegates will adopt a strategy for Scouting. As scouting prepares to celebrate its centenary in 2007, it is important for our Movement to prepare a strategy to meet the rapidly changing needs of the 21st Century, so that it can maintain its impact and remain attractive to young people, particularly adolescents.

The adoption of the strategy will be the beginning of the work towards achieving the Mission of Scouting, adopted by the World Scout Conference in Durban 1999. The theme of this Conference, 'From Mission to Strategy', provides an opportunity to set the Movement in the right direction, helping us to achieve our mission, realise our vision and celebrate the continuing success into our second centenary.

(­ Extracted from Document 1, Provisional Agenda of the 36th World Scout Conference issued by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement)

5. Forthcoming events

In other Regions

- Arab Region
Fifth International Youth Gathering.

The event will take place from 1st to 12th September 2002 in Egypt. The event has organised by the Arab Scout Region in cooperation with UNESCO. For further details, visit www.arabscout.org

-Asia Pacific Region
6th Sri Lanka National Jamboree: Education through Enjoyment

The Jamboree will take place between 18th and 24th August 2002 in Sri Lanka. It will also commemorate 90 years of achievements for Scouting in that country. The event will provide a programme of activities which will be of great interest to overseas Scouts and Leaders. Scouts between the ages of 12 and 18 years are invited to attend.
For more details, write to the Sri Lanka Scout Association.

6. Visit the Africa Scout Website

And send us your comments

The Africa Scout region, through the Africa Regional Office has launched the Africa Scout web site.

The website was designed with financial assistance from Scouts Canada, and technical support from the World Scout Burea in Geneva. The site contains information about the situation of Scouting in member countries, the organisational structure of the Africa Scout Region, the 10-Year Development Plan for Scouting in the Africa Region, communication and public relations strategies in the Region among other details. It gives a link to national websites for Scout Associations in the region where they exist, and also gives links to other important websites such as the World Organisation of the Scout Movement website.

Log on to the Africa Scout website today: