News from the Africa Scout Region

June 2002 Issue 15


  1. Answering to a distress call
  2. Scouts Canada gives Kenya Scouts Association a financial boost
  3. African Children participate in the World Peace Festival for Children
  4. 20th World Scout Jamboree

1. Answering to a distress call

Of the disaster stricken scouts of Goma

After the volcanic disaster that hit Goma town in the DR Congo on 20 January 2002,massive destruction of the people's property and homes occured, including the Goma scouts centre which was completely destroyed. An appeal was made by the World Scout Bureau through the Secretary General and the Africa Regional Office to every National Scout Association and scout groups to consider making a contribution to the Universal Fund to support the rebuilding of scouting in Goma.

The Africa Regional Office would like to thank all those who have so far contributed in response to this appeal.

As at the time of releasing this edition, a total of US $ 24,984.41 in cash has been received at the Africa Regional Office. This assistance has been received from Danish Scout Aid, Foundation Pro-victimis, Scouts of Australia, Boy Scouts of America, Scouts of Finland, Spejderjalpen Lejre Denmark, Letzebuerger Guiden a Scouten, Det Danske Spejderkorps, Scouts of Canada , J. Hunter-U.K, and Mrs Ivy Lesley of UK.

At the same time, donations in kind worth US $ 2,631.00 have also been received from Save the Children, World vision, and Unicef-Goma. So far, a total of 3,500 US Dollars has already been spent on assistance to scouts in Goma who were rendered homeless by the disaster, helping local people displaced by the eruption and feeding children who had taken refuge in scout centers in Rwanda.

The remaining funds and any other funds that may be received towards this assistance are being directed towards rebuilding the scout center in Goma, equipping it with the necessary facilities, restarting the brick making project which served as a source of income for the local scouts, training of scout leaders and trainers, and provision of scout materials and publications.

The Regional Office will keep all our partners and supporters informed of the use that these finances are being put into, in support of Scouting in Goma.

2. Scouts Canada gives Kenya Scouts Association a financial boost

For two Projects

Kenya Scouts Association has received from Scouts Canada a boost for their programme with the street children as well as for the Baden Powell Memorial Project.

Nine Thousand Canadian Dollars will go towards five small scale income generating projects for five street children scout units in Kenya.

For the Baden Powell Memorial Project, Scouts Canada has financed the rehabilitation of the clock tower in Nyeri town at a cost of US $ 2,000. It is the only clock tower in the town, and was originally designed by Baden Powell who spent his last days in Nyeri, Kenya. Mr. John Gemmil, the International Commissioner of Scouts Canada wrote while forwarding the funds for the clock tower; "We are delighted to take part in this project and will watch with interest as the site restoration project comes to completion."

3. African Children participate in the World Peace Festival for Children

In Korea, and get a Chance to watch FIFA world cup live!

Twelve African countries were priviledged to be among some 200 children from 49 countries who attended the The World Peace Festival for Children in Seoul, Korea, from 27 May to 3 June 2002. The theme of the festival was Arm ­ in ­Arm with Peace. The participants had a diverse cultural experience and also participated in events related to the World Cup which were aimed at promoting world peace and humanity.

The festival was co-hosted by the Korea Scout Association and Korean Committee for UNICEF with support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Korea. In his message of welcome to the participants, the Minister of Culture and Tourism in Korea, Mr. Namkung Jin said; 'Try to learn as much from them (other children participants) as they would from you, so that going back home, your awareness of others' rich cultural heritage will give birth to understanding in the spirit of brotherhood and mutual respect.'

In his welcome message, the president of the Korea Scout Association, Mr. Lee Won Hee told the children; 'we hope that when you reach your homes, this experience will continue to remain in your hearts and serve as inspiration to promote peace in the world.'

The festival was held in the middle of the world's most watched sporting event, the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the children had the opportunity to watch some of the opening matches.

From Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi Mozambique, South Africa, Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, Senegal, Somalia and Ethiopia sent children to the festival. The selection and travel arrangements were coordinated by the Africa Regional Office in Nairobi and the Operations Centres in Dakar and Cape Town. Korea Scout Association met the full cost of their participation.

4. 20th World Scout Jamboree

A countdown

The count down to the start of the 20th World Scout Jamboree is speeding up. Within the next eight months, Scouts from all over the world will converge in Thailand to experience this exciting adventure and join together to SHARE OUR WORLD, SHARE OUR CULTURES.

National Scout Associations intending to send participants to the Jamboree are reminded to check with the nearest Thai Embassy or with the World Scout Jamboree Office (WSJO) about the visa requirements for their country. Thailand, the host country of the 20th World Jamboree is willing to provide official letters of invitation to those who ask for them.