News from the Africa Scout Region

July 2002 Issue 16


  1. Together Against HIV/AIDS in Africa
  2. Seminar on Scouting and Street Children
  3. Forthcoming Field Activities

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1. Together Against HIV/AIDS in Africa

A Joint initiative by the World's seven largest youth organisations

Representatives of the world's largest youth movements and programs have joined together to address the HIV/AIDS pandemic that disproportionately affects young people. The disease has hit the African continent particularly hard. The complexity and immensity of the challenges in tackling a disease that has no cure requires radically new approaches and responses. The Chief Executive Officers representing seven organisations (World Organisation of the Scout Movement, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, World Alliance of YMCAs, World Young Women's Christian Association, The International Award Association, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and the International Youth Foundation) have developed a broad framework ­ the Empowering Africa's Young People Initiative ­ in recognition of the multiple benefits of collaboration. To launch the initiative, five countries have been selected for the pilot phase ­ Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Ghana and Tanzania.

A stakeholders meeting is scheduled between 10th and 16th August in Nairobi. The meeting will bring together representatives from the seven organisations in each of the five countries among other strategic partners including UNAIDS, and other selected UN agencies.

The meeting will provide a joint opportunity to discuss various aspects of the initiative and begin the collaborative process.

The IYF is serving as the secretariat for the initiative while the Africa Regional office of the World Scout Bureau based in Kenya will provide logistical support for the August meeting.

2. Seminar on Scouting and Street Children

Nairobi, 27th October to 3rd November 2002.

The Africa Scout Region is planning a seminar in Nairobi on the topic of
street children for several African National Scout Organisations, members of
the Ticket to Life Network and other interested associations. The proposed
dates are 27 October ­ 3 November 2002.

National Scout Associations to be represented in the seminar include
Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

The seminar has set its objectives as:

The seminar will adopt the method of sharing experiences, where each delegation will bring a written report and other audio visual resources on their ongoing activities, field visits will be planned in Kenya to see some of the street children scout units currently managed by the extension scout programme of the Kenya Scout Association. Other agencies dealing with children such as UNICEF will be invited to make contributions while group discussions and case studies will also be used as a method of information generations and sharing.

3. Forth Coming Field Activities

In Africa

Youth Programme Workshop for the Indian Ocean Zone comprising of Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros, Sychelles and Reunion island (a branch of scout de France) in Mauritius - 25th to 31st July 2002

The workshop will aim at bringing the participants to an understanding of the Renewed Approach to programme development, to develop materials for use in the revision of their own national youth programmes and to enhance their ability to integrate the new approach into their national youth programmes.