News from the Africa Scout Region

September 2002 Issue 18


  1. 45th World Scout JOTA/JOTI
  2. Announcing the Africa Scout Calendar
  3. <iDespatch> now in Portuguese

1. 45th World Scout JOTA/JOTI

19th and 20th October, 2002

The 45th world Scout JOTA will be held over the weekend of 19th and 20th October 2002.

JOTA is an annual event in which about 500,000 Scouts and Guides all over the world makes contact with each other by means of amateur radio. it is the shear excitement of having a live conversation with a fellow Scout or Guide at some other place in the world that attracts so many youngsters to this event. It is a real Jamboree during which Scouting experiences are exchanged and ideas are shared, thus contributing to the world brotherhood of Scouting.

JOTA is a world-wide event. Units may operate for 48 hours or any part thereof, from Saturday 00.00 hr. until Sunday 24.00 hr. local time. More and more information about JOTA is being published on the WOSM's website. You can access and download them at your convenience at www.scout.org/jota

The World Scout Bureau in Geneva and the Africa Regional Office in Nairobi are very much interested to get an impression of what the JOTA was like in your country. The Word Scout Bureau in Geneva compiles the World JOTA Report and copies are sent to each National JOTA Organiser and Scout Association. All JOTA organisers are requested to send a report to Geneva soon after the event. Photographs accompanying such reports will be highly appreciated.
We wish all Scouts an interesting JOTA weekend. It is an excellent opportunity to make contacts, exchange ideas, learn other cultures and habits and make new friends.

"I think Baden-Powell would love the Jamboree on the Internet, and the Jamboree on the Air! What great ways to bring Scouts together from around the world. With more than 28 million Scouts, in nearly every country, our electronic links and friendships can only grow from year to year," says Dr. Jacques Moreillon, Secretary General of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

2. Announcing the Africa Scout Calendar

For 2003

The Africa Regional Office will release the Africa Scout Calendar for 2003 in late October 2002.

The Calendar has six pages, each with images of various Scout activities in Africa. The theme portrayed by the calendar is; Scouting making a difference in the lives of young people. Words and images have been chosen to bring out this theme.

As with our calendar for 2002, the Africa Scout Calendar will be availed for sale at a cost of five dollars each, for a minimum of ten calendars. We received encouraging orders and enquiries about our 2002 calendar from various parts of the world.

We are making our calendars in a way that they have more than one purpose. At the end of the year, the calendar pages can be turned to publicity posters, as half of the page is designed in the form of a poster which can be laminated of framed for publicity purposes.

Copies of the Africa Scout Calendar will be available at the Africa stand during the World Scout Jamboree in Thailand. A sample page will be posted on the Africa scout website in early November.

3. <iDespatch> now in Portuguese

Subscribe now!

The <iDespatch> is now available in Portuguese, thanks to Mr. Miguel Alves, Deputy International Commissioner, Corpo Nacional de Escutas - Portuguese Catholic Scouts, who has volunteered to be doing the translations. A couple of recent editions have been translated, and we have been forwarding them to our Portuguese speaking national scout associations, and our other friends from around the world.

But now, you can subscribe directly to the Portuguese version, by sending a blank email to subscribe.idespatch.PT@africa.scout.org

If you have friends who would like to read the <iDespatch> in Portuguese, please forward to them the above address to which they can make their subscription for their free copy.