News from the Africa Scout Region

November 2002 Issue 20


  1. Announcing the Africa Scout Calendar 2003
  2. U Fund Re-launched
  3. Scouts promote Iodised Salt Consumption
  4. News from Africa
  5. Special offer on Souvenir badges
  6. News from other Regions
  7. Forthcoming Events

1. Announcing the Africa Scout Calendar 2003

View online: http://www.scout.org/africa/comms/calendar2003.html


The World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office has produced a Calendar for 2003. The A-3 Size six page calendar is in full colour and carries images of various Scout activities in Africa. It also marks the regional and international Scout events for 2003. The images portray:


The calendar is being offered for sale to all Scout groups, individuals, Organizations and Associations in the world. The profit after cost will be credited to the Africa Scout Foundation to contribute to the financial base needed to support the growth and development of Scouting in Africa.


The minimum quantity for any order is ten copies for a total of 50 (fifty) US Dollars including postage cost. To order, send your money to:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 80826 - 036
P.O BOX 30691,

2. U Fund Re-launched

For the Africa Scout Region

The Universal Fund for Scouting, better known as U-Fund in the Scouting fraternity, was established in 1963 to provide a means for all members of the Scout Movement to help scouts in other countries in their development activities.

The U-Fund Monitoring Group of the World Scout Committee, in its sitting in July 2002, agreed to a proposal by the Africa Regional Office that the Fund be dedicated to supporting projects in the Africa Scout Region for the next three years.

The U-Fund is designed "to help scouts help themselves" and the main objective of the re-launched Fund is to raise funds to support scout projects in the Africa Region. It will operate under the banner " helping scouts make a difference in Africa". Donors will be approached for contributions towards this objective.

The re-launched U-Fund will support a number of defined projects in the Africa Region of which three have been considered as priority areas. These are:

Grants will therefore be made to National Scout Associations/Organisations undertaking activities in the above-named categories.

3. Scouts promote Iodised Salt Consumption

in Kenya

The Kenya Scout Association is working with UNICEF and the Government of Kenya to promote the use of Iodised salt among the Kenyan community. By integrating information Iodised salt consumption information into the progressive scheme and proficiency badge system, Scouts learn more about Iodine, and they in turn sensitise the communities on the importance of iodine consumption.

Together, the three organisations held an Iodine Deficiency Disorders Day (IDD Day) on October 26th 2002. The highlight of the day, which attracted wide media coverage in Kenya, was to sensitise the public on the importance of Iodine to the human body. Activities included dissemination of Iodine related information and distribution of Iodised salt among other things. Over 1,500 Scouts, 100 Scout leaders, UNICEF officials, Kenya¹s Ministry of health officials and World Scout Bureau, Nairobi staff took part in the event. Salt manufacturers in Kenya donated iodised salt, which was distributed to members of the public.

Iodine is a mineral, which is essential for the development and growth of the human body. It is part of the chemical structure of thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency causes mental retardation and brain damage. It also
contributes to child mortality.

Iodine is found naturally in soil and water, but a lot of this has been lost in many parts of the world, Kenya inclusive. However, iodised salt and iodised oil capsules are used as alternative sources of iodine to compensate
for iodine deficiency.

In Kenya, about 16% of the population suffers from some form or other of Iodine deficiency. The Kenyan Government has shown a keen interest in the prevention and control of iodine deficiency through the formation of the National Council for the control of IDD in Kenya, under the Ministry of Health.

We encourage other NSAs to work with UNICEF on this campaign.

4. News from Africa


The League of Scouts of Mozambique (LEMO) celebrated their 8th Anniversary on 6th November. Many individuals and National Scout Associations have continued to send them messages of congratulations on their 8th birthday. During the 36th World Scout Conference in Greece in July this year, LEMO successfully bided to host the World Scout Moot in Mozambique in 2008

- Swaziland

The Scouts of Swaziland were recently honoured by the presence of the daughter of His Majesty King Mswati of Swaziland, when she presided over one of their HIV/Aids awareness campaigns as the guest of honour. Princess Temaswati, popularly known as Takhe committed herself to continue working with the Scouts, saying that she observed their seriousness and commitment to the HIV/Aids awareness campaigns.

She was presented with the national Scout Scarf as an honorary member. Asked by, Bhekie Metfula of the Swaziland Scout Association what she felt about the scarf, she said; "The fact that my brother Bandzile also has one made me feel great. The scarf reminds me of the promise I have made to work together with Scouts where I can. It will also be a symbol of commitment on my side".

5. Special offer on Souvenir badges

From the Africa Scout Shop

Available in the Africa scout shop are the following souvenir badges:

These badges are available at a very minimal cost of 0.5 US$ each, plus shipping charges.

Souvenir badges from Scouts Canada are also available. These include the Wolf badge and the animal protection badge. These are free of charge with only shipping costs to be paid.

Order now while stocks last !

6. News from other Regions

Kandersteg International Scout Centre

On behalf of the Africa Scout Region, the Africa Regional Office wishes the out going Director of Kandersteg International Scout Centre (KISC), John Moffat, all the best in his new venture. As the Director of KISC, John has worked closely with the Africa Scout Region, and during his tenure, the relationship between KISC and Africa Region has only strengthened.

It is during his time that KISC, through an agreement, made a commitment to offer training support to the Africa Region by guaranteeing one place on its summer staff team to a member of the Africa Scout Region. Already, one member, the Rowallan Camp Manager of the Kenya Scout Association has benefited from this support.

In 2001, KISC designated a six bed capacity room to the Africa Scout Region. The Africa Room affords visitors to Kandersteg an experience about Scouting in Africa from the variety of resource materials available in this room.

KISC has also raised funds for the Baden Memorial Project in Kenya. The Africa Scout Region feels privileged to have worked with John who has become a good friend of Africa. As we bid him goodbye, we also congratulate his successor, Miriam Herzberg. We look forward to a continued bond between KISC and the Africa Scout Region.

7. Forth Coming Events


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