News from the Africa Scout Region

June 2003 Issue 26


  1. African NSAs to step up their Scout Programmes for Children in Especially
    Difficult Circumstances (CEDCs)
  2. 5th African Jamboree
  3. Youth Involvement in Southern Africa
  4. Events for July

1. African NSAs to step up their Scout Programmes for Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances (CEDCs)

A five-day Seminar on Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances (CIEDs) was organised and held in Nairobi by the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office in collaboration with the Youth Programme Service of the World Scout Bureau, Geneva, with financial support by the Schneider Foundation of France. The Seminar took place between 1st and 5th June 2003.

It brought together 30 representatives from 6 National Scout Associations (NSAs); Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, and Zambia, staff from the Africa Regional Office, and guests from the Ticket to life Network.

The core objective of the seminar was to share the experience of Kenya Scout Association (KSA) in its Extension Scouting Programme (ESP) with the other NSAs. The participants benefited from presentations made by KSA as well as field visits to the units run by KSA under ESP. They also had a chance to visit other centres and homes run by individuals and other Non Governmental Organisations to cater for CEDCs. They gained a lot from interacting with the children and members of staff in the places visited.

All the other NSAs also had a chance to make presentations on their current
efforts and work with CEDCs in their respective countries.

The emerging conclusion was that more and more children are seeking solace from the streets judging from the ever increasing numbers in most urban areas in Africa. From the discussions, it became obvious that the reasons for this trend were almost the same in all the countries represented.These included: HIV/AIDS scourge, poverty, child abuse, conflict, war and violence.

At the end of the Seminar, the participants worked out strategies for availing Scouting to CEDCs. They were also able to identify the special training needs for Scout Leaders dealing with these children.

The participants agreed to scale up already existing programmes and to initiate new programmes for those NSAs without such programmescurrently, as the way forward.

2. 5th African Jamboree

Scouts invited to Mozambique

The League of Scouts If Mozambique has released invitations to NSAs in Africa and beyond to attend the 5th Africa Scout Jamboree to be held in Catembe near Maputo (capital city of Mozambique) from 27th December 2004 to 7th January 2005.

The Jamboree will also serve to celebrate the 10th birthday for Scouting in Mozambique and as part of the preparations for the 8th World Scout Moot to be held at the same place in 2008.

The theme of the Jamboree is "Community is Scouts' Mission." Eligible participants are Scouts aged 12 to 19 years.

The program will consist of camping and outdoor activities, handicraft, water activities and community service programmes. A number of workshops and seminars on fighting poverty, education for justice and peace, Scouting and respect for environment have also been planned.

The Jamboree venue is alongside the beach overlooking Maputo city.

3. Youth Involvement in Southern Africa

Gaining strength

The Southern Zone of Africa Scout region is increasingly empowering young people in the Scout Movement, writes the recently appointed Zonal Secretary, Bhekie Metfula of Swaziland Scout Association.

"It is (pleasant) to note that the number of young people in the Zonal Commitee has increased from three to six. The late Brian Foya of Zimbabwe, himself a young person served as the Zonal Secretary untill his death in a car accident this year. He was replaced with another young person, Bhekie during the zone's annual conference this year in Lusaka, Zambia.

Bhekie believes that it would be useful to NSAs in the region to be exchanging their views about their activities, programmes and experiences, and particularly regarding the implementation of the World Scout Strategy and the 10-Year Development Plan for the Africa Scout Region through all possible channels, and particularly through this enewsletter. From ou rnews room here at the Africa Regional Office, we remain committed to facilate the sharing of such information, but we would encourage more NSAs to contribute news about their activities so that we can publish them. To send any information for publication in the idespatch, please write to the editor.

4. Events for July

In Africa