News from the Africa Scout Region

August 2003 Issue 28


  1. Management Manual for Scout Associations
  2. Malawi Scout Association receives help
  3. New Desk Officer for the Indian Ocean Zone
  4. Forthcoming Events

1. Management Manual for Scout Associations

new publication of the Africa Regional Office

In the course of their field missions and training events in the region, executives from the Africa Regional Office have, over time, encountered enormous requests from Scout leaders for a simple reference manual on management.

In line with the 10-Year Development Plan for Scouting in the Africa Region, which was based on actual needs assessments of National Scout Association in the Region, management was highly cited as one of the challenges faced by the associations.

This manual has therefore been developed to meet this need. The manual is a simplified reference tool for the day to day running of a national Scout Association. While applying modern management principles, the manual steers away from academic theories and dwells on practical issues facing national Scout Associations. It cites examples and uses terminologies familiar to and common in Scouting.

Topics that have been covered include Planning for development, office management, motivation, evaluation, control, managing information, planning meetings, registration, communication and public relations, resource mobilisation, financial management and drafting of a constitution. In developing this tool, reference was made to other existing materials earlier published by the Africa Regional office and the Geneva Central Office.

The financial support for producing this manual was availed by the NORAD through the Norwegian Guides and Scouts Association (NSF). Together with the executives of the Regional Office, Professor Eric Frank also made substantial contribution in developing the content of the manual.

2. Malawi Scout Association receives help

from the Scouts of Northern Ireland.

On the 6th of July, Scouts from Northern Ireland were in Malawi where they made a donation of cash and other scout items to the 1st Ekwendi Scout group in Mzuzu, Malawi. Northern Ireland Cub Scout Leader, Margaret Qua made the presentation which was received by the Chairman Malawi Scout Association, Ahabu Kafansiyanji.

Making the presentation, Margaret said; "We are pleased to be associated with Scouting in Malawi and promise to assist whenever we can in a brotherhood manner as we respect the Scout Law." She said that she was impressed with how Scouting in Malawi is growing and encouraged the leadership to work hard and reach out to more young people in Malawi, taking into consideration the fact that young people in Malawi are most precious resource for Malawi's sustainable development, a development based on supreme social values with are the same as Scouting values.

Kafansiyanji said the donation would go a long way to assist the local association especially in view of the challenges facing young people in the areas of education, health, environment and especially youth involvement in decision making.

Malawi Scout Association is budding, and the Africa Regional Office is giving the necessary support to ensure that it qualifies for recognition by the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

3. New Desk Officer for the Indian Ocean Zone

Oliver Waindi, the Assistant Director in charge of Youth Programme and training in the Africa Regional Office, is now the Desk Officer for the Indian Ocean countries of Comoros, Seychelles, Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion Islands.

This zone has in the past been served by Abdoulaye Sene, the Director of Youth Programme and Training. Oliver joined the World Scout Bureau towards the end of 2002.

4. Forthcoming Events in Africa

September 2003

October 2003