News from the Africa Scout Region

September 2003 Issue 29


  1. Africa Network Scout Fellowship
  2. Read about Scouting in Africa on your Kenya Airways Flight
  3. Waking up to a Scout Breakfast
  4. News from the region
  5. Badge Offer
  6. Forthcoming Events

1. Africa Network Scout Fellowship

By The Scout Association for Africa

The Africa Network Scout Fellowship is a new initiative by The Scout Association, UK, in support of Scouting in Africa. In August, David Bull, the International Commissioner together with four other members of the Network visited the Africa Regional Office to discuss this new initiative and to explore ways and means of supporting various Scout activities in the region.

The Africa network is a forum where members of The Scout Association, with a specific interest in Africa, can share knowledge, ideas and experiences. It promotes the expansion of International Scouting, with a particular focus on building friendships in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

During the bilateral meeting in Nairobi, the members of the Network discussed with the team at the Africa Regional office and planned on ways of co-operation in areas such as fund-raising, information dissemination and capacity building.

A website for the forum is currently under construction at www.afrianetwork.org.uk

2. Read about Scouting in Africa on your Kenya Airways Flight

Look out for the in-flight Magazine: Msafiri

Kenya Airways in-flight magazine; Msafiri ( A Swahili word meaning the traveller) will from now on dedicate half a page for a Scout Story. This offer was officially communicated to the Africa Regional office in September.

Through this avenue, we hope to reach out to more friends and potential friends, to inform, and seek support for Scout Projects in Africa. The offer is part of an ongoing negotiation with Kenya Airways through their Corporate Communications Director, Catherine Muigai, for a partnership between the Africa Regional Office and Kenya Airways in support of Scouting. Msafiri is a quarterly magazine.

3. Waking up to a Scout Breakfast

in Ghana

Recently, the community around Accra, the capital city of Ghana woke up to a unique community breakfast served by Ghana Scouts.

The event attracted crowds who not only enjoyed an elaborate breakfast, but also a variety of entertainment.

It was a fund raising event, open to all. It not only achieved this goal, but also raised the profile of Scouting in the society. The success of this unique event has encouraged the Scouts in that part of Africa to plan for many more in the future.

Bravo Ghana Scouts!

4. News from the region


Scouts de Senegal held their 19th Annual General meeting between 12th and 15th September. Leopold Coly was re-elected as the Chief Commissioner.

Southern Zone


The President of the Republic of Mozambique, His Excellency Joakim Chissano has hailed the Scout Movement saying that "close co-operation and solidarity among young people in Africa, inspired by the Scout Promise and Law is a guarantee for peace, cohesion and solidarity for the future of the continent." The president was speaking in his palace at a dinner immediately after the Africa Union Heads of states summit in Maputo. During the dinner he also pledged his government's support for the forthcoming 5th Africa Scout Jamboree in 2004 and the 8th World Scout Moot in 2008 both to be hosted by the League of Scouts of Mozambique.

5. Badge Offer

From South Africa Scout Association

The South African Scout Association (SASA) is offering old proficiency badges to any Scout Association that feels that they may be of good use. While the badges are free of charge, it is your responsibility to pay for postage / transporting costs.

If you are interested, wait no more, just contact them by email.

6. Forthcoming Events in Africa

In October