News from the Africa Scout Region

November 2003 Issue 31


  1. Learn more about and support scouting in Africa
  2. Symposium on peace in Cote d'Ivore
  3. Scouts take part in JOTI
  4. Gone Home
  5. Scouts from Africa to take part in Environmental preservation gathering
  6. News in Brief
  7. Forthcoming Events

1. Learn more about and support scouting in Africa

Buy yourself the 2004 Africa Scout Calendar

It is rightly said that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. It is also true that images leave a lasting impression. It is based on this truth, and in our effort to tell more about Scouting in Africa, that every year we produce a full colour calendar depicting scouts in action in Africa.

We avail this calendar for sale at a minimal cost with a small margin beyond the production cost. This minimal profit will go to the Africa Scout Foundation in support of Scout activities in Africa.

If you would like to learn more about what scouts are doing in this region, and in so doing also support their work, order a calendar for 2004 from the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional office today. The cost of each calendar including postage is US D 3 (three). We accept orders for a minimum of five calendars at the cost of fifteen US Dollars.

2. Symposium on peace in Cote d'Ivore

December 2003

The Association des Scouts de Cote d'Ivore (ASCCI) will host an international symposium on peace between 20th and 25th December 2003 under the banner 'Scouting, way of Peace'. The event will be at the Felix Houphouet ­ Boigny Peace Foundation in Yamoussoukro.

Since September 2002 when crisis erupted in that country, the ASCCI has been actively involved in assisting the most vulnerable persons (women and children) by offering them shelter in their scout training centre; Maison Caree.

As a build up to their contribution towards peace restoration in their country, the ASCCI has now organised a symposium and camp for young leaders on peace. Participants will be drawn from Cote d'Ivore, and other West African countries that are or have just experienced conflict and war. The aim is to make the young leaders ambassadors of peace in their respective communities.

3. Scouts take part in JOTI

October 2003

In Nairobi, scouts assembled in a cybercafe where they spent time making contacts via email. The event was organised by a Rover crew based at the Kenya Scout Headquarters. Most of the members of this crew are computer literate and often communicate via email. They invited younger scouts from primary schools and spent time teaching them how to retrieve and compose mail. It was an exciting experience for the younger scouts as they made contacts with their fellow scouts far away from home. In their report, they say that they made contacts with scouts from Uganda; United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, China, Chile, South Africa, Swaziland, Ghana, Nigeria, Croatia, Tanzania, USA, and Sweden.

In many African countries, Scout Associations do not have the capacity to host JOTI in their premises due to limitation of computers and other accessories. The mushrooming Internet business in the form of cyber cafes in African cities will be a major boost for Scouts in their quest to take part in JOTI.

In Namibia, we have received a report from 1st Valombola Scouts, Baobab region. According to the Area Scout Leader, Richard Lockwood, 26 scouts actively participated in JOTI on 12 Internet PCs courtesy of the local Teachers' Resource Centre in Ongwediva. The Scouts were able to make their own contacts during the event. In total Valombola was online for 40 hours and made contact with members of the movement in 42 countries.

|n Niger, scouts were at the national headquarters in Niamey to take part in JOTI. According the Abdou Issa the International Commissioner, Scouts are increasingly taking interest in the two events. Unfortunately, due to lack of radio equipment, JOTA activities were not organised in Niger.

4. Gone Home

Chief Scout of Tanzania and immediate former member of Africa Scout Committee

We have learned with sorrow about the dimise of Tanzania's Chief Scout, Mr. Joseph D. Ngonyani. We have known him as a brother, a friend and a dedicated scout leader who worked tirelessly for the development of scouting in Tanzania.

Africa has lost one of its best scout leaders.

The late Ngonyani will be remember him for having taken the Tanzanian scout association through tremendous changes when he was the Chief Commissioner. This made the association what it is now a modern scout association with a very active National Headquarters and well organised regional structures.
The late Ngonyani also served in the Africa Scout Committee for 6 years until 2001 when his two year term in the committee ended. He was also an active leader of the East Africa Scout Zone,

Ngonyani leaves behind a lot of friends and a solid scout association which is well involved in nation building.

May his soul rest in eternal Peace.

5. Scouts from Africa to take part in Environmental preservation gathering

Sponsored by the Arab Scout Region

The Arab Scout Region has extended sponsorship to ten scouts from the Africa region to take part in the above event. It will take place in the Emirates at the Scout camp in Sharjah from December 28th 2003 to 4th January 2004.

The objective of the gathering is to spread awareness of the Environmental problems from a global perspective in order to increase the role of youth in protecting the desert and marine environments in addition to natural habitats.

Eligible participants should be scouts registered as members with their national scout associations and should be between 18 and 20 years of age. Details about this event can be obtained from the Arab Regional Office.

6. News in Brief


The Guides and Scouts of Finland will make a donation to the U Fund which will go to supporting scout projects in Africa in the priority areas of HIV/Aids awareness education, extending Scouting to children in difficult circumstances and towards Peace education programmes. This information has been conveyed to the Africa Regional Office by the World Scout Bureau in Geneva through which the donation will be made. The U Fund is supporting small projects in Africa for three years beginning January 2003.


The Southern zone of the Africa Scout region has made another step towards strengthening their communication. Thanks to the South Africa Scout Association who have accepted to host some web pages in their website. You can now learn more about the zone by visiting: www.scouting.org.za/africa/southernzone. The zonal secretary is also asking for comments to help improve the pages.


NSAs in Africa have embarked on preparing for the 2007 centenary celebrations. A communication link has been established between the NSAs and the Africa Regional Office by appointing contact persons in the NSAs. Those who have communicated the names and addresses of their contact persons include; Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Niger, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Seychelles, Gambia, Senegal, Mozambique, Mauritius, Liberai Zimbabwe and the Southern Zone. All NSAs who have not made this step are urged to do so and to notify the Africa Regional Office.


In line with their national constitutions, three NSAs have held their Annual General meetings and appointed new office bearers.

Cape Verde
Chief Commissioner: Luis Miguel Delgado
International Commissioner: Anne Marie Monteiro

Chief Scout - Chris Mbanga
(We have not received the news of other office bearers by the time of releasing this edition)

Chief Scout : Dr. Tebebe (Past Governor of the Lions Club in Ethiopia)
Chief Commissioner: Father Renzo

Patron: His excellency President Mwai Kibaki
Chief Scout: Honourable Ole Kaparo (Speaker of the National Assembly)
Chief Commissioner: Honourable Kalonzo Musyoka (Minister for foreign Affairs)

7. Forthcoming Events in Africa