News from the Africa Scout Region

January 2004 Issue 33


  1. Learn more about and support scouting in Africa
  2. Panafrican Youth Forum on "AIDS: a matter of education"
  3. What we can together do against AIDS in Africa
  4. Workshop for Professionals in National Scout Associations
  5. Symposium on peace in Cote d'Ivore
  6. News in Brief
  7. Children's International Conference on Environment
  8. Forthcoming Event

1. Learn more about and support scouting in Africa

Buy yourself the 2004 Africa Scout Calendar

It is rightly said that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. It is also true that images leave a lasting impression. It is based on this truth, and in our effort to tell more about Scouting in Africa, that every year we produce a full colour calendar depicting scouts in action in Africa.

We avail this calendar for sale at a minimal cost with a small margin beyond the production cost. This minimal profit will go to the Africa Scout Foundation in support of Scout activities in Africa.

If you would like to learn more about what scouts are doing in this region, and in so doing also support their work, order a calendar for 2004 from the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional office today. The cost of each calendar including postage is US D 3 (three). We accept orders for a minimum of five calendars at the cost of fifteen US Dollars.

2. Panafrican Youth Forum on "AIDS: a matter of education"

Dakar, Senegal, 22 to 26 March 2004

Preparations for the above forum in Dakar are at an advanced stage. The Republic of Senegal and the World Organisation of the Scout Movement, who together are organising the forum, have issued invitations to youth members of the principal youth organisations in Africa to attend the forum.

Invitations have been sent out to National Associations of:

The purpose of the forum is to encourage the participants to develop and implement co-ordinated or joint national youth AIDS prevention plans in their respective countries.

In his correspondence to National Scout Associations in Africa about the forum, the Secretary General, Dr. Jacques Moreillon has emphasised that "Yet, AIDS is a threat to all and our Scouts can and must contribute to
fighting this evil amongst the young generation through our own specific educational method."

About the expected joint effort in the fight against AIDS in Africa with other youth organisations, Dr. Moreillon states;" Such a war must be led in a co-ordinated fashion, especially at national level, between all the youth movements that are waging it."


Preparatory Phase

Before travelling to Dakar, forum participants in each country in Africa are required to get together to examine the state of national AIDS prevention efforts and to outline the elements of their future joint national AIDS prevention programme. it is suggested that one of the national organisations involved be elected by the others as co-ordinating body for their country.

The Forum

At the forum, participants will strive to add to the national action plans by means of the African Member Organisations of the Alliance sharing experiences and through the contributions of experts from national and international specialised organisations.

Follow up phase

After the forum, this phase will focus on the execution of the national action plans of the Member Organisations of the Alliance in co-operation with the national and international specialised agencies.

3. What we can together do against AIDS in Africa

A joint statement of the World's largest youth movements

The largest youth movements in the world have come together to fight against the wrath of AIDS in Africa. The World Organisation of the Scout Movement, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, World Alliance of YMCAs, World YWCA, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, The International Award Association, International Youth Foundation jointly issued a statement in December 2003 called "what we can together do against AIDS in Africa."

In the statement, the seven organisation state that their networks represent more than 100 million young people in the world, out of whom over 20 million are in Africa. In addition, their networks indirectly reach another 200 million in Africa through families and peers. "Such an alliance can should bring a great added value in the fight against HIV/AIDS," says the statement in part.

The youth movements have agreed on common objectives, principles and priorities in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa, of which the youth play a central role in all the interventions. According to the statement, the overall desired outcome is a decrease in the prevalence rates among young people. Appreciating that each country will have different realities, the statement provides that specific measurable outcomes will be established for each country and that in every country, the entire programme should fit within the existing national strategy against AIDS.

4. Workshop for Professionals in National Scout Associations

Southern Africa Zone

This Workshop has been organised by the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office through the Cape Town Operations Centre. It targets professional Scout leaders employed by National Scout Associations, Executive commissioners, field commissioners, development commissioners and national secretaries. Each NSA in the Southern zone is invited to send two participants.

The aim of the course is to equip the professionals with managerial skills necessary for the effective running of NSAs. To be covered during the course are topics such as management of an NSA, resource management, community development, project management, working with volunteers, communication among others.

5. Symposium on peace in Cote d'Ivore

takes place successfully

From 20th to 25th December 2003, the Association des Scouts de Cote d'Ivore (ASCCI) and in co-operation with les Scouts de France organised a symposium and a camp on Peace at Yamoussoukro, Côte d'Ivoire. The venue of bothevents was the Foundation Felix H. Boigny for Peace.

There were 250 scouts camping on the site of the 2 events and 150 people took part at the symposium which consisted in five round-tables with the following themes :

A detailed feature on this event will appear in our regional Bulletin later
in the year.

6. News in Brief


The World Scout Committee has awarded Bronze Wolf to Mr. Offoumou Yapo Leornado of Cote d'Ivore in recognition of his exceptional service to Scouting. Mr. Offomou is the president of the Federation of Scouting in Cote d'Ivore (FIS). He has also served in the past as chairman of the Africa Scout Committee and is currently the chairman of the Africa Scout Foundation Board. Dr. Doumbia Gnamakolo, the chairman of the National Committee of the Federation of Scouting in cote d'Ivore and member of the Africa Scout Committee wrote; " what a nice end of year gift to Ivorian Scouting." On behalf of the Africa Scout Foundation, the Regional Director of the Africa Scout Region, Kinuthia Murugu, who is also the secretary to the Africa Scout Foundation has sent a message of Congratulation to Mr. Offomou and the entire Scout family in Cote d'Ivore.

The Bronze Wolf was established in 1935 and is awarded at the sole discretion of the World Scout Committee to recognise outstanding service of the most exceptional character rendered by an individual to the World Scout Movement and must normally include such service at world or regional levels.


WSB Staff is honoured for his work with youth

Lamine Diawara, the Director of the Dakar Operations Centre of the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office has been awarded a medal by the Government of Senegal in recognition of his work with the youth in that country. The decoration was presented recently the Minister of Youth in Senegal.



Uganda Scout Association held its Annual General Meeting on 13th December 2003. Hon. Manuel Pinto, former chairman of the Africa Scout Committee was elected the Chief Scout while Dr. Margaret Kigozi became the Chief Commissioner replacing Victoria Nalongo who is a member of the Africa Scout Committee.



The above programme which reaches out to children in the streets has recently received a grant through the Africa Regional Office. The funds were raised by New Brunswick scouters by promoting the project in a recent Jamboree held in Newfoundland & Lambrador as well as from some individual Scouters from New Brunswick. Some of the money will be used to buy several bicycles to transport bread from the Scouts' bakeries to the local markets.


Gone Home - Paul Kafula of Zambia Scout Association

Paul Kafula was serving Zambia Scout Association as Head quarter Commissioner by the time of his death on 13th January. He was an active member of the Southern zone of the Africa Scout Region. He is survived by a wife and two children. On behalf of the Africa Scout Region, the Regional Director of the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office, Kinuthia Murugu has sent a message of convalescence to the Zambia Scout Association and to the family of our late brother.

7. Children's International Conference on Environment


From July 19 to 23 2004, children from 100 countries will come together at the 2004 Tunza International Children's Conference on the Environment to discuss issues of critical importance to the world. The delegates will study, deliberate, and publish their unique positions on Oceans, Rivers and Waterways; Living on the Edge of Extinction; Indigenous Healing Ways; and Energy Policy. Assembling at Connecticut College in New London, Connecticut, USA, these 600 young people, ages 10 to 13, will speak out on what needs to be done to save our environment.

To find out how to apply for participation, visit www.icc04.org

8. Forthcoming Events in Africa