News from the Africa Scout Region

March 2004 Issue 35


  1. Panafrican Youth forum on AIDS: a matter of education
  2. Africa Scout Radio
  3. News in Brief

1. Panafrican Youth Forum on Aids: a matter of education

22nd to 26th March

The event is only a few days away and preparations by all those concerned are at their final stages. The organising committee says; " We are convinced that this event will be a decisive stage in the common mobilisation of our organisations in the fight agains AIDS."

Those participants from some countries which require visas to enter Senegal are reminded to obtain them in good time. The Minister of Internal Affairs has also confirmed to the organising committee that those participants who, for good reasons will not have managed to get Visas in their own country will get it on arrival at the airport, only if they communicate this situation to the organisers in good time so that they are entered in a list of those to receive visas on arrival.

Airport Reception

The committee will organise airport reception and transfer to the hotel, for those participants who will send their travel details at least a week in advance.

Emphasis on the Prepartory Phase

A lot of emphasis is being made on the preparatory phase of the forum. This is a meeting that the joint delegation from each country should hold before travelling to Dakar in cooperation with the National commision for the fight against Aids, and the specialist governmental or non governmental organisations such as UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNFPA WHO, UNESCO and World Bank. The preparatory phase consists of drawing up a common plan of action for the organisations of the Alliance concerning their contribution to the fightagains AIDS in the framework of their national strategies.

Forum Programme

The aim of the forum is to mobilise, at national level, the young people who are members of the Alliance of the World's largest youth organisations in the fight against AIDS in Africa.


The forum will start on 21st March when delegates arrive, settle in their hotels and register for the forum. the main topic of discussion on 22nd March is "United against Aids, situations and stragies in Africa." this will continue upto the following day and participants will be working in their country working groups. Another major topic will be on " AIDS: a matter of education; educational approach of the Alliance."

Working method

Given that the participants are young people, a variety of active and participatory delivery methods will be used.This will include; brief information at plenary, small group workshops and country working groups.

2. Africa Scout Radio

Swahili programmes are now ready for broadcast

The first 12 radio programmes that were recorded in English have been recorded in Swahili and are now ready for broadcast. The translation was coordinated by the Tanzania Scout Association (Swahili is the official language in Tanzania). Swahili is widely used not only in Kenya and Tanzania, but is also increasingly being used in Uganda, Congo and neighbouring countries. The office is working closely with the scout associations in those countries to seek airtime for this new set of programmes.

3. News in Brief


John Neysmith has been awarded the Silver Wolf by Scouts Canada, for his outstanding services to National and International Scouting. Kinuthia Murugu, on behalf of the Scout Movement in Africa has sent a message of congratulation to Scouts Canada for recognising John's contribution to Scouting. At the same time, he has also sent a message of congratulations to John. John is a strong supporter and good friend of Scouting in Africa. He is a Platinum member of the Africa Scout Foundation (Highest category) and
is also a holder of the Africa Elephant Award for his outstanding contribution to Scouting in Africa.


The above conference will be hosted by the Junta of the Scouts of Angola, and is expected to attract six delegates each from the member associations from Botwana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The dates have been set at 27th April to 3rd May 2004. Logistics and conference theme will be issued soon by the organisers.

New Members of the Africa Scout Foundation

Pete Mastopoulos
Mrs. Xaverine Buregeya - Rwanda