News from the Africa Scout Region

April 2004 Issue 36


  1. Panafrican Youth forum on AIDS
  2. Youth Leadership Workshop in Kenya
  3. News Round up
  4. News in Brief

1. Dakar Youth Forum on HIV/AIDS

Young people to take active role in the fight againt HIV/AIDS

From 22nd to 27th March, under the title "Pan-African Youth Forum on AIDS; A matter of Education, some 300 young people from the largest international youth organisations represented in Africa, and experts from 43 African countries met in Dakar, and prepared national plans to put into action when they return home as part of their concerted AIDS prevention effort.

With the technical support of UNAIDS, UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA, Francophonie, the national AIDS-Prevention Committee and the World Bank, the young participants, most of whom were between 20 and 25 years of age, conceived, developed and established a joint contribution by their organisations to the national AIDS prevention plans in their respective countries.

According to Kinutha Murugu, Regional Director for the Africa Scout Region, the event was a great success. "The young people worked with enthusiasm, commitment and an amazing spirit of co-operation and collaboration."

Present at the Forum were ministers of youth from Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal. They met separately under the aegis of the Confederation of Ministers of Youth and Sports of French-speaking countries (CONFEJES) and moved a motion of support for the forum.

2. Youth Leadership Workshop in Kenya

July 4th to 10th

In line with the WOSM Strategy on Youth Involvement, the Africa Regional Office will conduct a Youth Leadership workshop from 4th to 10th July 2004 in Kenya. The general aim is to prepare and support youth in becoming knowledgeable and active decision makers in their associations and within the communities they live in.

Countries that will be represented in the workshop include, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Comoros and Zambia.

The main facilator will Dr. Effendy, Director of Adult Resources at the World Scout Bureau in Geneva, and assisted by various executives from the Africa Regional Office. More details about this seminar can be obtained from the Assistant Director in charge of Youth Programme and Training at the Africa Regional Office.

3. News Round up

From Africa


On 23rd April, in Johannesburgh, South Africa, Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, will be presented with the Africa Elephant, for his outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Scouting in Africa. The award will be presented by the Africa Scout Committee.


Dr Jacques Moreillon, the immediate former Secretary General of WOSM was awarded the Africa Elephant at a colourful ceremony in Dakar, during the official opening of the Dakar Aids Forum, in the presence of over 300 young people from all over Africa. Also present was the Chairman of the Africa Scout Committee, the Prime Minister of Senegal, the Ministers of Youth from Mali, Niger, Cape Verde, Burkina Faso and Cote d'Ivore.

The citation in recognition of Jacque's contribution to Scouting in Africa reads in part; "In Africa, eight countries have attained full WOSM membership during his tenure. In support of the development and expansion of Scouting in Africa, Dr. Moreilln has made over 20 missions to the region, visiting over 12 countries.... he has lobbied presidents and Ministers and worked hard to mobilise necessary resources especially from outside the

The Africa Elephant is awarded by the Africa Scout Committee to individuals who have rendered outstanding service to the growth and development of Scouting in Africa.


Some Scout Associations from the region have started sending in reports and photos of how they marked the Africa Scout Day in March.


In Zimbabwe, the Scouts of Mashonaland Provice came together to celebrate the day through a clean up campaign around Harare. The event which attracted several scout troops attracted a lot of interest from the public.


In Ghana, celebrations took place at local levels throughout the country. At the Headquarters, a clean up excercise was organised in Accra city and mainly concentrated on the busiest road leading to the largest market in Accra. The theme of the exercise was "Pick up rubbish, dont drop any." Over 500 Scouts from the greater Accra and Ashanti regions took part in the exercise from as early as 7:30 am. The event was made lively by a Brass Band that played interesting tunes that motivated the scouts as the cleaned up, and also attracted a lot of public interest. An Information van from the Information Services department was also present and using microphones, explained the motive of the Scouts' clean up exercise to the crowds that had gathered. According to the Chief Commissioner, Jemimah, the event was given a lot of publicity by the local radio and televison stations. At the end of the day, a cub scout was asked what she had learnt from the excersise and she said "never to litter the streets again". "We knew our message had been understood, said Jemimah.

4. News in Brief

From around the World


The Scout and Guides Movement of Lybia have extended invitation to National Scout Associations in the Africa Region to send a patrol of boys aged between 12 and 14 to the their 26th Arab Africa Jamboree to be held in Juddaim, 30 km west of Tripoli between 1st and 10th August 2004. All participants and their leaders are to meet their cost of travel upto Lybia. All costs while attending the Jamboree will be met by the host. Among some of the activities lined up for the Jamboree include, Jamboree on the internet, cultural activities, tours and visits, community service and sporting events.

For further details, contact: www.libyanscout.ly.


August 5th to 11

The above event will take place at Mt. Sorak, Gangwon-do located in the mid-eastern part of the Korean peninsula. Interested participants must be boys and girls aged 12 to 18 accompanied by their leaders. Fee is US$ 150 for participation and inland transportation. Deadline for full payment of fee is 31st May 2004. According to the organisers, the objectives of the Jamboree include, sharing ideas and experiences across cultural diversities, promoting friendship and international understanding among countries and to introduce the unique Korean culture to the participants.