News from the Africa Scout Region

May 2004 Issue 37


  1. Nelson Mandela
  2. Youth Leadership Development Seminar
  3. Recognising young people's contribution
  4. 12th Africa Scout Conference

1. Nelson Mandela

receives the Africa Elephant Award

Nelson Mandela, retired president of South Africa, and Patron of the Scout Association of South Africa recently received the Africa Elephant Award, the top scout award in the region.

The presentation ceremony took place in his office on 23rd April 2004 in Johannesburg, South Africa and was presided over by the Vice Chairman of the Africa Scout Committee, Nkwekwe Nkomo and the Regional Director for Africa, Kinuthia Murugu.

Mandela was elated to receive the award. He said he was delighted to work with the Scout Movement, because the future of Africa depends on the young people, and how well they can be equipped to face the future.

He commended the Movement for its contribution to the fight against HIV/Aids in Africa, a course for which he has vowed to commit his life.

For details about the presentation, visit:

Youth Leadership Development Seminar

Supporting the Youth Involvement Strategy

This will be the first youth leadership development seminar in Africa, andwill take place in Kenya from 5th to 10th July 2004.

Participants must be between 18 and 30 years, with at least tertiary level of education, and must have undergone at least the Preliminary Training Course for Scout Leaders.

The seminar will provide the participants with an opportunity to share experiences and map out strategies on how they can best contribute to decision making processes in their scout associations. They will also have the opportunity to understand and therefore actively participate in implementing the youth involvement strategy.

3. Recognising young people's contribution

Africa to launch Award for "outstanding Scout"

Every scout makes a promise to do their their duty to God, to their country and to others. The Africa Scout Region will embark on a search for an outstanding Scout based on how well they have lived their Promise. National Associations will make the nominations, and the Africa Scout Committee will select from the nominees.

Awards will be made every triennium and will coincide with the Africa Regional Conference. A nomination criteria form has been circulated to all National Scout Associations, and the first award will be presented during the 12th Africa Scout Conference.

For a long time, the Africa Scout Committee has presented the Africa Elephant Award to adult leaders. The award is given in recognition of an individual's contribution to the growth and developing of Scouting at national, regional or international level.

Some of the holders of Africa Elephant include Nelson Mandela, the late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere, the immediate former Secretary General of WOSM, Dr. Moreillon, former chairman of the Africa Scout Committee, Manuel Pinto among others.

4. 12th Africa Scout Conference

A comprehensive update

Three weeks to the12th Africa Scout Conference in Mauritius, preparations both in the host country and at the World Scout Bureau, Africa Regional Office are in top gear.

Several announcements and information has gone out regarding the Conference. In the past, many willing participants have met frustrations as they try to make last minute preparations, only to be beaten by time. It is important that all those willing to come to Mauritius engage in early preparations to avoid such last minute experiences.


Registration fees for delegates and observers is US $ 100 and US $ 70 for accompanying persons. As a well known holiday destination, The Mauritius Scout Association says they have prepared an attractive programme for accompanying persons to help discover the "flora and fauna of the Star and Key of the Indian Ocean, which Mauritius really is."

Conference Theme

Africa Scouting reaches out beyond frontiers


Air Mauritius is giving a 20% discount for Conference participants on all direct routes from African airports to Mauritius.

Visa and Yellow Fever vaccination certificate

To establish if you need a Visa to enter Mauritius from your country, as well as a yellow fever certificate, please visit the Conference site where the different requirements for different countries are listed:


A list of hotels and other accommodation facilities are available at the above site, with all details about reservation and costs. As some of them require early reservation, participants are advised to make early bookings.

Submissions to the Regional Office

As required by the by-laws and Rules of Procedure of the Africa Scout Region, those members intending to submit a resolution, nominate a member for an award or candidature should make their submissions before the conference. As such, notices have gone out to members regarding; nomination of candidates to the Africa Scout Committee, nominations for the Africa Elephant Award, submission of resolutions and study papers.

More details about the conference