News from the Africa Scout Region

October/November 2004 Issue 41


  1. First Seminar on Resource development and Management
  2. Rekindling the Scout Spirit in Liberia
  3. Forth Coming Events

1. First Seminar on Resource development and Management

For Africa

In line with the WOSM strategy, the World Scout Bureau has embarked on specific training programmes on resource development and management. The seminars are organised within the framework of the Strategy on Scouting's Profile (Communications, partnerships and resources) as well as regional strategies such as the 10-Year development plan for Scouting in Africa. These two strategies identify the need to mobilise resources as a means to achieving the mission of Scouting.

The first seminar for Africa was organised by the World Scout Bureau, Geneva Central Office together with the Africa Regional Office between 10th and 16th October 2004.

A total of 21 participants were drawn from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Burundi. They comprised National Executive Commissioners, Chief Commissioners, and concerned executives and volunteers.

The main aim of the seminar was to develop knowledge and skills on resources development and management through the sharing of experiences, best practices and success stories in National Scout Organisations.

The seminar started by situating itself within the overall goal of the WOSM Strategy and the Africa Plan. Participants then dwelt on ways and means of developing their resources. These ranged from partnerships, fund-raising strategies to the more inward looking approaches such as maximising on existing resources such scout hostels and campsites.
Participants exchanged ideas in plenary, took time in group discussions and used models such as the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) to analyse their situations back at home, and to project on how best to improve their resource base.

Case studies and success stories were shared among the participants. At the end of the seminar, the participants completed an evaluation questionnaire which has revealed that they found the seminar useful and that it opened for them new ways of developing and managing their resources as a means to achieving the Scout mission.

Facilitators were drawn from the Geneva Central Office, Kandersteg International Scout Centre and the Africa Regional Office. Invited guests also made inputs in their areas of expertise such as insurance and events management.
The Treasurer of the Africa Scout Committee, Miriti Naivasha officiated at the closing ceremony during which he presented participants with certificates of participation.

2. Rekindling the Scout Spirit in Liberia

A Multi dimensional approach

War in Liberia may have destroyed physical facilities, including the Scout buildings and structures around the country, but it did not kill the scout spirit.

Those scouts and leaders who have survived the war continue with scouting. There are many difficulties such as communication among the scouts in different parts of the country, lack of trained leaders, training materials, uniforms among others.

For instance, the National Executive Commissioner based in the capital city, Monrovia has only been able to keep in touch with about 12 troops around the city. However, it is known that there are scout activities in different parts of the country, but hardships such as lack of funds and communication infrastructure are hindering the harmonised growth of Scouting.

The Africa Regional Office has, in its priorities within the Africa 10-Year Plan, proposed to support the rehabilitation of NSOs whose growth was destroyed, slowed or affected by war and other forms of political instability. Within this framework, The Africa Regional Office has made several visits and held several discussions with the Scout leaders as well as political leaders in Liberia, to define a way of revitalising scouting in that country.

As a first step, a planning workshop is scheduled in Monrovia this November with support from NORAD through the Norwegian Scouts and Guides Council. The aim is to come up with a national plan of action for the coming two or three years, which will guide the rehabilitation of Scouting.

Working with UNICEF

Celso Movoloneke, the Programme Commissioner of the Scout Association of Angola, and a professional working with UNICEF, is currently working in Liberia to raise awareness among the community on the need for immunisation against polio. Like a good Scout, Celso has been in touch with the scouts, and established a working relationship with them. He has brought them on board in the national immunisation campaign in the country. To prepare them for this programme, Celso has so far trained about 400 Scouts on how to go from door to door, convincing parents to take their children for immunisation.

According to Celso, there is great potential, if this programme works, for the Scouts to secure a working partnership with UNICEF in Liberia. Celso has also been instrumental in securing a long working partnership between the Scouts of Angola and UNICEF Angola in their campaign for the Eradication of Polio where more than 5,000 scouts have been trained and participated in the campaign.

Seeking support from Outside

The need to quickly develop a pool of trained leaders in Liberia is top in the priority for the Africa Regional Office. So far, request has been sent to the Boy Scouts of America for funding to run Adult leader training at various levels.

3. Forth Coming Events


Liberia - Planning Seminar
Cairo- Operations Meeting


Cote d'Ivoire - Zonal Conference for West Africa
Mozambique - RUN Jamboree
Comoros - Youth Programme Workshop
Eritrea - Multi Purpose Workshop
Kenya - East African Zonal Conference.