News from the Africa Scout Region

January 2005 Issue 43


  1. Message of Support to the Tsunami Affected Countries
  2. Scouts Leadership Development Project starts in Africa
  3. A Training boost for Ghana Scout Association
  4. News in Brief
  5. Painting Competition for Children
  6. Forthcoming Events

1. Message of Support to the Tsunami Affected Countries

The New year woke up to a rude shock from mother nature. An Earthquake and
Tsunami that hit parts of Asia and Africa coastlines. In a Message of
condolence to the affected countries, Regional Director for Africa, Kinuthia
Murugu wrote through the Regional Director for Asia Scout Region, Mr
Rasheed: "We in Africa have learnt with regret and sadness of the great
Tsunami disaster that has hit parts of Asia, leaving behind a trail of
despair, destruction and death. Thousands of innocent lives brought to a
rude halt on the eve of a new year. Families, entire villages destroyed and
most of all children left orphaned, and desperate. This situation has
touched our hearts here in Africa. Although part of our coastline has also
been affected with varying degrees of destruction, we realise that the
situation in Asia, the home of the largest scout population in the world, is
truly catastrophic.

On behalf of the entire scout family in Africa, the Africa Scout Committee
and staff of the Africa Regional Office, we share with you the loss and
sadness of these difficult times. Please pass our condolences to all those
scouts whose families; relatives and friends have been affected by this

At the Africa Regional Office, staff joined a call by the World Scout
Bureau, Geneva Central Office to donate a days salary towards the disaster.
Sending out the appeal to all the staff of the World Scout Bureau, the
Secretary General Eduardo Missoni added, "This is not just something we can
do in the World Scout Bureau. It is something all wage-earning Scouts can
choose to do, wherever they are and whoever they work for. Everyone can give
"equally" according to their means: a day's wage is a day's wage, whichever
currency or salary scale applies. Just think what we might achieve by
working together in this way."

To find out about the response of the World Organisation of the Scout
Movement's response to the Tsunami disaster, visit: www.scout.org

2. Scouts Leadership Development Project starts in Africa

With financial support from Jacob's Foundation

A large scale leadership development project for young scouts and their
leaders has started of in Africa, thanks to a financial grant from the
Jacob's Foundation of Switzerland to the World Organisation of the Scout
Movement in Africa.

The Africa Scout Region has received a boost of US$1 million over a period
of three years from the Jacob's Foundation of Switzerland. It will support
the implementation of the region's 10-Year Development Plan for Scouting in

The new partnership was announced during the 12th Africa Scout Conference
in Mauritius in September 2004. The Funding will be used specifically to
enhance youth leadership under the project title: Developing Young Leaders,
assuring Africa's future.

Through this project, the Africa Scout Region will enhance its capacity to
empower young people to participate in national development and thereby
bring about positive change to their lives and that of their communities.
Among the issues to be addressed include how to integrate young people into
the fight against HIV/AIDS, promoting peaceful coexistence, and
participating in decision-making processes.

The new partnership with the Africa Scout Region will commence with the
implementation of the project in six countries: Burundi, Ethiopia, Gambia,
Mauritius, Niger and South Africa, and then eventually spread to twelve
countries in the initial three year period.

The first phase of carrying out a needs assessment for each participating
National Scout Association has started, and the process will be through by
end of March 2005, After which detailed implementation will commence and
last for about one year.

3. A Training boost for Ghana Scout Association

A month full of Scout activities

December was a month that saw the Ghana Scout Association turn to a hub of
scout training. The Scout Association has a shortage of trained scout
leaders and unit leaders. For instance, no unit leader course had been held
in Ghana for more than ten years. The new leadership in Ghana, under the
guidance of the Chief Commissioner, Isaac Addy, have put training and
recruitment of more volunteers and scouts as a priority in their development
goals. As such, the association requested for training support from the
Africa Regional Office in December, for a Youth Programme Workshop and a
wood badge training course. Although wood badge training is part of a
National Association's training policy, the association was handicapped for
lack of trained leaders to conduct this training, and so the Africa Regional
Office made a special consideration to facilitate the course, through Lamine
Diawara, the Director of Dakar Operations Centre, and Desk Officer for the
West Africa zone.


This took place from 1st to 5th, and was facilitated by Lamine of the
Africa Regional Office. It was a writing workshop during which the 19
participants came up with the symbolic frameworks, the activity book and the
design of the badge system both standard and Proficiency. The document will
be finalised by end of this January.


31 participants took part in this course. According to the Chief
Commissioner, some of the participants have been identified as having the
potential to proceed to Leader Trainers and will be facilitated to reach
this level, as the Association is in serious shortage of trainers.


Ghana Scout Association also played host to the 2nd West African Zonal
Conference. This a a voluntary alliance of the countries in West Africa, as
a means of pooling their resources together for the benefit of their
Association. Benin, Côte d'Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Niger, Nigeria, Togo
attended this conference. The participants agreed on zonal activities that
will enhance co-operation and exchange between ideas and experiences for the
benefit of their respective NSAs.

4. News in Brief

From Around Africa


The Zimbabwe Scout Association have created a website:
www.angelfire.com/sc/matabeles/2007.html as part of their
preparations for the Centenary preparations. Although the website is still
in its construction stage, it shows that the Association has already rolled
off its planning process for the celebrations.


A Gift of Peace Project by Cub Scouts in Nigeria

Cub Scouts in Edo state have started a gifts for peace project, through
which they hope to uplift the spirit of fellow children who are in difficult
situations in the General hospital. For a start, they they raised 80 US$
from their parents and friends and used it to buy snacks, toilet rolls and
soap which they donated to the children's ward. During their visit to the
hospital, they received by senior hospital officials who accompanied them in
their visit to the children's ward. "The cubs' visit brought a smile to the
sick children, and they hope to do this often," reports Emmanuel Essenine,
Communications Commissioner for the Edo State local Scout Association in

After their visit, the cubs also visited a local TV station where they
appeared on a live broadcast show, to discuss the Scouts Gifts for Peace


The Scouts in Schools project of the Africa Scout Region is starting on a
high note in Zambia. The Association recently offered a Basic Training
Course to 300 graduating teachers from a local Teacher Training college. At
the end of the course, 43 teachers expressed immediate interest for further
training as they intended to start scout units in the schools where they
would be posted.


The Tanzania Scout Association invites interested Scouts for the annual
climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The climb is set
for 11th to 17th August 2005. Group price is US$ 820 per person which
covers park fee, hut fee, three meals a day. For Details, contact the
National Executive Commissioner of Tanzania Scout Association, Alpherio

5. Painting Competition for Children


The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in conjunction with the
Foundation for Global Peace and Environment of Japan is organising the
annual Painting Competition for Children.

Paintings can be submitted via internet. You can visit
www.unep.org/Tunza/paintcomp for more information or to submit your entry

6. Forthcoming Events

In Africa