News from the Africa Scout Region

February-March 2005 Issue 44


  1. Jacob's Leadership project takes off in Africa
  2. Mauritius Scout Association launches its Detailed Implementation Plan
  3. Africa Scout Day is here again
  4. Founders Day
  5. Africa Scout Website
  6. Scout Leader Makes World News

1. Jacob's Leadership project takes off in Africa

The six National Scout Associations which are in the first phase of the
Jacob's leadership Project are in the process of completing their needs
assessment and detailed implementation plans. So far, Mauritius, Burundi,
Niger and the Gambia are finalising their plans, while Ethiopia and South
Africa will complete theirs within the month of March. The detailed
implementation plans reflect actual activities that will take place, giving
precise dates, objectives and target audience for each of the activities.
The project is planned to last one year in each of the countries.
To achieve the set objectives, the project will be executed mainly through
training programmes from the unit level up to the national level in the
selected National Scout Associations. The training programmes are aimed at
enhancing appropriate leadership and management skills at all levels of the
Scout Association and to increase the number of young people in Scouting
through relevant and attractive youth programme.
Through this project, the Africa Scout Region will enhance its capacity to
empower young people to participate in national development and thereby
bring about positive change to their lives and that of their communities.
Among the issues to be addressed include how to integrate young people into
the fight against HIV/AIDS, promoting peaceful coexistence, and
participating in decision-making processes.

2. Mauritius Scout Association launches its Detailed Implementation Plan

Between 5th and 8th February, Mauritius Scout Association launched its
detailed implementation plan for the youth leadership project. During the
one year project period, the Association plans to train over 200 leaders.
According to the Chief Commissioner of Mauritius Scout Association, Mr. Jos
Nannette, the the project will help to train scout leaders from the grass
root level up to leaders at the national level. This training will enhance
the Associations capacity to empower young people with leadership and
decision making skills, in preparation for their future positions in the

Mr. Nanette was speaking at the end of a three-day planning workshop during
which a detailed one year implementation programme for the leadership
training was agreed on, by the officials of the Mauritius Scout Association,
and the Regional Director of the Africa Scout Region, Kinuthia Murugu.
According to the detailed plan, the association will enhance its capacity to
contribute solutions to some of the problems affecting young people in the
society such as substance abuse, HIV/AIDS awareness education and juvenile
delinquency. Through this programme, the Association will be more involved
in community development, and ultimately, in the national development
process of the country.

Speaking at the end of the planning process, the Regional Director, Kinuthia
Murugu urged the Scout Association to maximise on this programme in order to
realise the association¹s goals, as well as the Millennium Development goals
as set out by the United Nations. He urged the Association to strive for
gender balance in all levels of the Association, and especially when
recruiting and training adult and young leaders under this project.
Currently, the association has a total membership of 3,200 scouts and
leaders, out of whom only 89 are trained in Scouting. Through this project,
the Association has planned to increase its membership by 25% and to double
the number of trained volunteer leaders.

In order to increase its membership, the Mauritius Scout Association has
planned to embark on introducing scouting in schools, in order to avail the
opportunity to young people from all religious and cultural orientations in
the country. At the moment, scouting in Mauritius has concentrated around
the church, thus lacking the opportunity to reach other religious faiths.

The other countries that will complete their plans by end of March include
Burundi, Niger, Gambia, Ethiopia and South Africa.

3. Africa Scout Day is here again

13th of March

As the Africa Scout Day nears, National Scout Association in Africa are
making arrangements for the celebrations.

Although Africa Scout Day is celebrated annually on the 13th of March, most
National Scouts Associations (NSAs) in Africa organise week long
celebrations in the week of 13th March.

This day is an opportune moment for Scout Associations to profile the
Movement at all levels from Regional, national to the grass roots.

There is a lot that Scouts are doing to turn around their own lives and that
of their communities, in many ways. The Scout method makes this contribution
an everlasting impact as the young people learn by doing.

But a lot of these good stories still lie with the scout units, and the
world does not know their impact in the community, and especially in Africa
where Scouts are daily taking a big part in improving lives.

Opportunities like the Africa Scout day are excellent chances to raise the
profile of Scouting, by all National Scout Associations in Africa.
Scouts in Africa are urged to organise events at their level not just to
attract publicity, but to showcase their contribution to society, and
therein also raise their profile.

The iDespatch will be pleased to receive reports of such events organised to
mark the Africa Scout Day across the Africa region.

4. Founders Day

Kenya starts preparing for the Centenary

Founders day in Kenya this year was a big event, held in Nyeri, the last
home of Baden Powell. A big rally was held on Sunday 20th February presided
over the Kenya's Chief Scout who is also the Speaker of the National
Assembly, Honourable Francis Kaparo. More than 3000 scouts and guides
gathered for the celebrations, including a group of Scout leaders from the

The Chief Scout took the opportunity to announce that Kenya Scouts has
already started preparations for the centenary celebrations in 2007.
A lot of Scouts are expected to visit Nyeri, Paxtu and BP's grave as part
of the centenary build up celebrations. Already, an organising committee has
started preparations to host guests in Nyeri.

5. Africa Scout Website

Has a new face

The Africa Scout website has changed face, to reflect the new corporate
image of WOSM. At the same time, the site is going through a thorough
update to reflect news and changes from the Regional Office activities and
among member Scout Associations/Organisation in the regions.
Associations are invited to visit their pages in the website and give us
feedback on changes they would like us to effect, such as new office

You will find that some pages are still under construction as the website is
still being updated.

Visit: http://worldnet.scout.org/Africa/ and give us feedback.

6. Scout Leader Makes World News

Steve Fossett, member of the World Scout Committee

Scouts around the world are proud of the new records set by Steve Fossett
with GlobalFlyer, which displayed the Scout emblem on the cockpit. Scouting
had a special place among the sponsors' emblems because of Scouting's
importance in his personal development. "Each record I set is like I have
earned a new Scout badge. I was a Scout when I climbed my first mountain,"
Steve said.

Steve is an elected member of the World Scout Committee
To read more about Steve's record breaking circumnavigation, go to:
Steve Fossett's circumnavigation : www.virginatlanticglobalflyer.com

(This information has been provided by the World Scout Bureau, Geneva
Central Office)