News from the Africa Scout Region

May-June 2005 Issue 46


  1. Youth Leadership Skills Development Workshop
  2. 5th Africa Jamboree in Mozambique
  3. Jacobs Leadership Project
  4. Staff Management Conference for Africa
  5. 37th Scout Conference in Tunisia
  6. Africa Scout Region's HIV/AIDS initiative

1. Youth Leadership Skills Development Workshop

For Southern Africa

Africa Regional Office, with technical support from Geneva Central Office facilitated a youth leadership workshop for the Southern zone of Africa. A total of 24 participants from ten southern African countries participated. The workshop was in line with the world strategy on youth involvement and adolescents. The objective was to give the youth a platform to share experiences and ideas on how they can best be equipped to participate actively in the decision making process of their associations and eventually take up active roles in their societies.

The workshop covered a variety of topics, starting with a session on understanding the world strategic priority on youth involvement. Other sessions included exploring challenges facing young people in seeking leadership positions in their associations. Pertinent issues facing the society were discussed from the perspective of exploring ways in which young people could participate in finding solutions to such issues. This ranged from HIV/Aids, peace education, and drug abuse among others. There were interesting sessions on team building, motivation and communications, being necessary qualities for leadership.

At the end of the workshop, the young people came up with resolutions on steps they would take to become visibly active participants in their associations. They elected office bearers who would coordinate the implementation of the resolutions as well as keeping the newly formed network alive and in touch.

The young people then moved to become delegates of their associations to the Southern Zone conference, which followed immediately after the workshop.

2. 5th Africa Jamboree in Mozambique

Call for registration

The League of Scouts of Mozambique (LEMO) is hosting the 5th Africa Jamboree at their national training camp in Catembe Island, off Maputo, the capital city between December 27th 2005 and January 7th 2006. Scouts between the ages of 12 and 19 are eligible to participate. As time is running out, and the hosts are in the middle of their preparations, those intending to take part are invited to submit their registration forms to facilitate their planning.

Details about the Jamboree can be found at:

The Africa Regional office will work with the hosts in preparing and coordinating the delivery of the program at the Jamboree, while the hosts are taking the part of logistics on the ground.

3. Jacobs Leadership Project

Country coordinators attend training in Nairobi

The Human Science Research Council (HSRC), which has been contracted by the Jacobs Foundation to monitor and evaluate the Jacob’s Leadership project for scouts in Africa, conducted a two-day training session for all country coordinators and concerned executives of the Africa Regional office. The training focussed on the questionnaire that will be administered by HRSC before and after the training of scout leaders in all the participating six countries. The participants went through the contents of the questionnaires and agreed on methods of drawing their sample population for the data collection. They will be charged with the duty of collecting the data using the designed questionnaire, and transmitting it to HRSC in South Africa for analysis. This will happen at the beginning of the project, before the identified leaders are trained, and will be repeated at the end of the project, after the leaders have gone through the training. Professor Yaw Amoateng assisted by Deena Naidoo, both of the HRSC, conducted the training.

4. Staff Management Conference for Africa

This year’s staff management conference for Africa took place between 22nd and 28th May in Mombasa Kenya. The conference brought together all executives of the regional office and the desk officer for Africa at the Geneva Central Office, currently being Mr. Luc Panissod, the Deputy Secretary General in charge of Finance and Administration, to take audit of activities carried out in the last one year, in line with laid down objectives. A detailed plan of activities to be taken in the coming one year was then developed, which also helped in preparing a detailed annual budget. The annual operations meeting comes up with action plans for one year, within the framework of the ten year plan for Africa, and the World Strategy for Scouting. During this year’s meeting, a three-year sub plan for the period starting 2006 was developed. At the same time, a review of the implementation of the current three-year sub plan, which will come to an end at the end of 2005 was done.

Training of Trainers in Management of National Scout Associations The Africa Regional Office, with support from Scouts Canada has developed a detailed course outline based on the existing management manual, a publication of the Africa Regional Office. The course, to be delivered in a workshop environment is planned to last one week, and details the contents of each of the proposed components giving the estimated time that each session should last. The course aims at exposing professionals and volunteers to modern business management techniques, that are necessary in helping National Scout Associations/Organisations to grow and develop, in line with the World priority of “Organisations of the 21st Century.” The first workshop was held in Kenya for NSAs/NSOs from the Eastern Africa region comprising of professionals and volunteers from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia. Staff of the Africa Regional office also attended the course as part of capacity building and refresher to help them in conducting similar workshops in the region, in line with the ten year plan.

The course was facilitated by John Neysmith and Robert King both of Scouts Canada. At the end of the workshop, participants expressed that they had learnt important skills that they would not only use in their associations, but which they would share with their colleagues back home. One of the objectives of the workshop was to embark on training trainers who can help the Africa Regional Office in conducting similar management courses in their associations.

5. 37th Scout Conference in Tunisia

Have you submitted your registration?

More than 1,000 world and national Scouting leaders from up to 154 countries are expected to attend the World Scout Conference, the General Assembly of Scouting.

More than 100 young people representing Scout organizations will participate in the Youth Forum.

Has your National Scout Association/Organization submitted their participation forms?

For more information about the 37th World Scout Conference and Youth Forum, visit: www.scout.org/wse/confyfindex.shtml

6. Africa Scout Regions’ HIV/AIDS initiative

Red Ribbon badge curriculum is published

As scouts in many African countries take part in HIV/Aids awareness education, one challenge stands in the way, lack of support training materials. For scouts to benefit from the unique scout method of implementing program, activities must be integrated into the scout program, and given an educational approach so that before the scouts can go out to sensitize others about issues such as HIV/Aids, they are fully conversant with the concept.

This often requires preparing a badge curriculum on each program so that a clear progression path is identified which scouts in the different age groups must follow in order to fully benefit from the program. In line with this principle, the Africa Regional office has developed a Red Ribbon badge handbook that will help NSAs/NSOs to integrate their HIV/Aids awareness education into their program. The office has also designed badges for the different age sections. NSAs will be provided with the artwork and they can then proceed to produce their own badges.

In another related development, the NSAs of the Southern Zone of Africa passed a resolution at their 37th Zonal Conference held in April in Lesotho, that they would actively take part on activities to mark World Aids day by wearing their uniform and taking part in sensitization campaigns in the community. They will also endeavor to have an Aids badge on their uniforms, which the South Africa Scout Association pledged to provide to each member association in the zone. This publication of the World Organization of the Scout Movement is distributed using services offered by Global Scoutnet (http://www.scoutnet.org), a worldwide communications service for Scouts, Guides and adult leaders.