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Regional Heritage Centre

Milton Road, Goodwood, Cape Town

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Scouting in the Western Cape is proud of its colourful history and in South Africa's significant role in the origins of Scouting.

The first Scout Troops in Africa were formed in Cape Town in 1908, the year after BP's Brownsea Island camp that started the worldwide Scout movement.


The Western Cape therefore has a long and proud history of Scouting and the Heritage Centre showcases an amazing collection of scouting artifacts and memorabilia.


The Heritage Centre is maintained by a small team of volunteers who meet once a week at the centre tackling the on-going task of sorting and categorising the vast archives and updating the displays. Much of their work happens at home where documentation is scanned, photos and 'slides' digitized which are then collated and uploaded onto the Heritage web site.


Exhibits include an impressive array of photos, uniforms, badges, scouting books, memorabilia, and miscellaneous artefacts that chronicle Western Cape Scouting since the inception of the organization. The exhibits highlight major Scouting events, camps, and both National and World Scouting Jamborees.

Read more about the creation of the museum here.



Our Library contains over 4000 books and is home to a wide collection of catalogued scouting of literature. A prized copy of the first scouting book written by BP and published in 1908, "Scouting for Boys" can also be found in the library.




The recorded history of Scouting is stored in the archives with publications like "The Scout" and the "The Scouter". Initially record keeping  was done by newspaper cuttings pasted into scrapbooks and personal Logbooks. There is also a large collection of documents, photos and 'slides' covering events like local and overseas Jamborees to mention a few