South African Scout clipart

Cub advancement badges

These are the advancement badges earned by Cubs. Caracal is the first badge earned, then Cheetah, Leopard, Lion and Leaping Wolf. The Link badge is earned when a Cub goes up to Scouts.

Caracal Caracal Caracal

Caracal (black and white)
Caracal (colour)
Caracal 2 (colour)

Cheetah Cheetah

Cheetah (black and white)
Cheetah (colour)

Leopard Leopard

Leopard (black and white)
Leopard (colour)

Lion Lion

Lion (black and white)
Lion (colour)

Leaping Wolf Leaping Wolf

Leaping Wolf (black and white)
Leaping Wolf (colour)

Link badge (black and white)
Link badge (colour)


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