South African Scout clipart

Scout advancement badges

Advancement badges are earned by Scouts, starting with the Pathfinder, then Adventurer, 1st Class, Explorer and Springbok.

Scout Advancement badges

Pathfinder - colour badge
Pathfinder - colour logo
Pathfinder - black and white logo

Adventurer - colour badge
Adventurer - colour logo
Adventurer - black and white logo

1st Class - colour badge
1st Class - colour logo
1st Class - black and white logo

Explorer - colour badge
Explorer - colour logo
Explorer - black and white logo

Sea Explorer - colour badge
Sea Explorer - black and white logo

Air Explorer - colour badge
Air Explorer - black and white

Springbok Scout badge - Colour JPG image (28 Kb)
Springbok Scout badge - Black and white bitmap (39 Kb)

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