History of First Claremont Scout Group

Established 3 March 1908

First flag

"White Ensign - 1st Flag flown by S.M. Scouts in March 1908 and at all subsequent standing camps and Trek Camps of 1st Claremont Troop. 1st Claremont Troop formed 3rd March 1908.

Some of the camps:

  • 1st Weekend Camp - 20th March 1908, the weekend we passed the Tenderfoot tests
  • Cooking Tests in Cottons Farm 20th March 1908
  • 1st Standing Holiday Camp - Harringay, Cape Flats, June & July 1908
  • Muizenberg
  • Hout Bay
  • South West Farms 250 miles
  • Karroo Tour 300 miles

More than 40 camps, besides service (war time) at Wynberg Camp during the Great War. 1st Claremont Troop marched more than 1000 miles during these years.

'Wolf' G French, Scoutmaster at 1st Claremont Troop 3rd March 1908 (registered 1909) to 1919.

Cyril J. French, Asst. SM 1908-1913"

  • Transcription of handwritten notes on the envelope in which the flag was stored. The envelope is shown mounted in the frame with the flag. The flag was donated to 1st Claremont Troop by the daughter of the first Scoutmaster, George French, on 3rd March 1985.

A white ensign, the first flag flown at 1st Claremont from 1908.

History of First Claremont Scout Group