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International Scout & Guide Fellowship (ISGF)

The International Scout & Guide Fellowship is an international group of national fellowships made up of groups of friends who learn, discover, share joys and sorrows, and have a good time, while supporting local Scouting and Guiding.

South African Fellowship

We hope to set up a national fellowship in South Africa. To do this we must have at least 125 registered members nationally, in locally-based clubs - in just the same way as a Scout or Guide Group is locally-based.

The Principles of the International Fellowship are:

  • respect for life and human rights;
  • work for justice and peace in order to create a better world;
  • contribution to international understanding especially through friendship, tolerance and respect for others, as laid down in the Aims.

The Aims of the ISGF are to encourage former Scouts and Guides:

  • personally to keep alive the spirit of the Promise and Law as laid down by Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Scout and Guide Movements;
  • to bring that spirit into the communities in which they live and work: and
  • actively to support Scouting and Guiding in these communities, in their countries, and worldwide.

Who can join the South African branch of ISGF?

  • Any person who has taken the Scout or Guide promise in any Scout and Guide association, anywhere in the world. This will include all former Scouts, Guides (all branches), and former Scouters and Guiders. It also includes former lay personnel within the two Movements.
  • Any other person over 18 years of age who has not been a Scout but is willing to subscribe to the values of Scouting & Guiding, and accepts the Principles and Aims of the ISGF.
  • Persons who are currently involved in the S A Scout & Guide Associations. These members are expected to give priority to their obligations to the Associations, and so will not be eligible for office in ISGF.

What is the purpose of a 'club'?

A club is formed by a group of adult members who meet regularly on a social basis, and who undertake any activity or project which the members feel is important to them, or will help Scouting and Guiding within their community.

While it is not under the jurisdiction of any organ of either the South African Scout or Guide associations, it will work in harmony with the two associations, and will have its own constitution (not yet written), approved by the international ISGF conference.

At present no organizational structure is proposed beyond local groups and a national coordinating committee. This may change as the need arises.

For more information, see the ISGF web site

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