International connections

SCENE managers from around the world get togther at Kandersteg in SwitzerlandSCENES provides a partnership within World Scouting, involving National Scout Organisations and Scout Centres in a worldwide network of support and cooperation for the benefit of the environment and for our Scout members. When joined with other SCENES Centres in a worldwide Network, local Scouts can see how different the environment is around the world, yet understand we are all connected on this planet.

At present there are nine SCENES centres across seven countries:

  • Australia: Eprapah, The Charles S. Snow Scout Environmental Education Centre
  • Austria: Techuana Youthcamp
  • Canada: Blue Springs Scout Reserve
  • Denmark: Houens Odde Spejdercenter
    Stevninghus Spejdercenter
  • South Africa: Mafikeng SCENE Centre
  • Switzerland: Kandersteg International Scout Centre
  • USA: Florida Sea Base

International visitors

Because of Mafikeng's significance in the history of Scouting, many international Scouts visit Mafikeng, including the Mafikeng SCENE.

Scouting vsitors from Finland meet local Scouts at the SCENE

The Mafikeng Centenary Moot was held from 28 December to 5 January 2007 in partnership with The Scout Association UK, and was attended by participants from Austria, Sweden, Finland, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Zambia, United Kingdom and South Africa. Activities included renovating a neglected school, the presentation of toys to an AIDS orphanage, a viewing game (where they saw a white rhino at 10m!) and the opening of the 20 kilometre B-P Trail".

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