News from the Mafikeng SCENE

The Setumo Scout Group was given a task to test the activities for the World Environmental badge

They planned their activities in three phases. The first phase was to go as a troop and observe some of the challenges facing communities there and what can be done.

They started their trip on a Saturday afternoon moving around the Historical Sites and the Molopo River. They observed that the river was polluted, and there was a lot of rubbish around the area.

After collecting data about the area, the Scout group discussed the challenges to come up with a plan. They agreed to raise awareness amongst the community members near the river, and secondly to have a campaign to clean up the river.

The plan was communicated to the Chief of the tribe and member of the community were informed about the Scouts' intentions.

Awareness was raised in a form of door to door and attending local imbizos to discuss taking care of the Environment.

The cleanup of litter was conducted as a one day event, and about 26 Scouts participated in the whole programme.

The following activities were done with the group to supplement the overall project in raising awareness about taking care of the environment:

  • Climate change tic tac toe
  • My carbon footprint
  • A day without energy
  • My energy goals

In conclusion

The North West Province believes that the above activities have a significant impact in raising awareness about taking care of the environment. We hope that this can assist in the World Environmental Badge project.

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