Hawequas Update 12 December 2013

After a rather long 'update' silence..., Hawequas management would like to welcome our new on 'Site Manager' Kuba Miszewski to the Hawequas team. Kuba has now officially replaced our past Hawequas 'Warden' and moved onto site yesterday.

Thus on arrival at Hawequas, look for Kuba (should he not find you first) and report in. Until we have the 'Wardens House' upgraded, Kuba will be moving and staying between buildings on site for now.

The new site contact numbers for Hawequas are 021 864 1191 (as normal, but as yet Kuba is between buildings and may not be near that telephone) or his Cell 082 080 7258.

Hawequas management at this time, sincerely apologizes for the present state of the site, as for the past two months plus, during the new transition of site management, no cleaning or maintenance was carried out. This now leaves a lot of work to be done to bring the site back up to standard.

If there is a senior Scout / matric completed Scout sitting at home bored these holidays (or young Rover) and would like to assist Kuba (like an apprentice) on site for now, contact Kuba, pack some food and normal gear and join him on site to assist (no fees payable and you’ll learn lots in a fun way). If two or three are interested, all the better. Please contact Kuba and get out there soonest to assist. There is a lot of initial work waiting for us to up the standards.

Building operation completions will be carried out as well over the builders holiday, on week days from next week. Please bear with us and compromise as we try to complete all outstanding projects for the benefit of all users.

Provincial HQ closed 20 Dec to 6 Jan 2014, so please settle all Hawequas bookings and payments for this period before closure. However, for those who decide on the spur of the moment to go out to camp a night or two during that period, work through Kuba – you will not be turned away.

Should you have any problems as regards Hawequas, suggestions, complaints (we need your feedback), compliments or would like to know something, please feel free to contact me for now until Kuba has established himself fully and found his feet. Please support Kuba by assisting in any way possible as well, every little bit helps.

We are all now looking forward once again with goals and vision into taking Hawequas to International Status by 2025.

Andre Foot
(now Hawequas 'Development Manager')
Work: 021 414 5804
Cell: 072 624 5533 (only if Kuba cannot be reached)

Hawequas Update 3 May 2013

Saturday 27 April saw 'Tiger' packing and leaving Hawequas after 11 years service on the premises - to retire at age 81+ in Rondebosch (and no..., not at our new office). On the left is Tiger with Trevor (Tiger's friend) and Andre (Management) with a reminder presentation from the team of 'days gone by'. Tiger has donated his village at Hawequas to Scouting, which will remain known as 'Tiger's Village' for those who wish to rough it there. This will now be converted into mini-bunkhouses with rustic kitchens and put out to hire. The site itself will be left as is developed by Tiger. This will be your (or your Patrol / PL's / Crew) ultimate get-a-way in the wild eventually. We thank Tiger for all the 'little jobs' that kept Hawequas running especially for green fields, trees and the security he provided by being there. Read more on Tiger in the next phenomenal SCaR publication.

Progress on the upgrades is now slowly drawing to a close as we approach our completion date of end June. Seen here is our new braai / cooking facility up at the Barn now complete. We are aiming to 'officially' open all the upgraded facilities on Sunday 6 October. We were also hoping by then to have our servitude road and bridge upgraded, so that we could bring in a bus. The aim was to park the bus in front of the main house, have everyone on the main field, then after speeches and the necessary, we all shout "DRIVER, MOVE THAT BUS!" - and the bus pulls away to reveal the new 'Ole Schroder House' to gasps and exalting exaltations... but alas, we're struggling to get someone to step up and take on strengthening and widening our 'Bridge over the River Spruit'.

The Barn Braai was tested on our work party Saturday 13 April with a massive braai by all who turned up. Thanks to Aussie and his over enthusiastic team of tree fellers, Eleanor and Conrad who stayed over and just couldn't leave and 1st Pinelands guys who came, saw, concurred and slaved at dragging away all the cut wood and branches with us. We managed to 'top' many of the dangerous Bluegums next to the main field. Our next 'work party' is Sat 20 July - more on this later.

With Tiger now gone, we have had to beef up security and armed patrols. All who use Hawequas, the minute you enter the farm gate, someone in the party needs to report immediately to the Warden with valid pass papers and announce your presence, otherwise you may find yourself in an awkward and rather embarrassing situation with only one 'phone call allowed. Do not enter any buildings without first notifying the Warden and getting the security off Code Red (full alert).

Use Hawequas - spread the word for others to come and have a great time as well!
Hawequas Management - there must be something we can do for you?
May 2013

Hawequas Update 4 April 2013

After rather a long busy break, another Hawequas update I'm sure is more than welcomed by all. Yes, we've been racing against time at Hawequas with the upgrades, aiming at completion before the present PLTU Course. However, trying to achieve high quality completions has had us running out of time rather fast. Our eyes are now on the distant horizon looking at completions in June, before tackling any new projects.

We have been rather fortunate this year in obtaining more funding from a Private Donator Gordon Carr of South London Scout Centre (who also recently re-visited Hawequas and was again highly impressed by progress), The Robert Hall Foundation (absolutely behind helping Hawequas grow), The Lombardi Trust Fund (one of the original Hawequas supporters) and The Abe Bailey Trust (once again identifying a need to support) - donators for which we are truly grateful and benefits will be seen this year in many various developments planned.

Thus far the Barn is virtually complete, the barn braai area is complete, the Bunkhouse is almost complete, the ablutions (barn and Field) are virtually complete and the Ole Schroder House is in the final stages of completion - you will be amazed at what you will find at Hawequas after June this year - your first word will be "WOW"... guaranteed!

Other developments this year are replacing our aging tractor, re-surfacing all roads on Hawequas, enlarging the main store at the Barn, replacing or adding to our furniture imagescccrequirements, visual training equipment in the Ole House and possibly making a start to complete the Terrace building and site, to mention a few.

Does anyone know where, or have a contact we can approach to make / supply at 'special Scout prices' - about 6 of the table bench combinations similar to the pic here? Also about 8 of the old army type folding tables. Also about 20 of the old army type steel / wood combo folding legs benches or similar that stack and store easily. We may need more if the price is right and payment will be cash. Prices quoted must be the full price incl. VAT, etc - not add VAT and extras after quoting a price (which is actually illegal and such quote/s will immediately not be supported by us, no matter how low). Articles will be required after completions in June.

Then finally, we have a volunteer work party on Saturday 13 April 8am to 3pm (or later?) at Hawequas, as per our February Update. Please bring chainsaws, spades, picks, rakes, garden gloves, pruners (we have a supply of tools on site as well) and depending on who is standing on the Main Field at 8am, we will decide on the tasks to do. Also bring meat + for a braai at 3pm and / or own food for the day. Let's hope the rain stays away for the day, otherwise I will notify all on the Friday before if we totally cancel (via this list).

Some jobs planned are trimming Bluegums, fixing embankments, stabilizing riverbeds, planting grass and general clean-ups (like walking / exploring and collecting litter or gathering up wood into neat piles). If you don't wish to / cannot work, just turn up for support and enjoy the day with us - all are welcome, bring your Group / Troop / Crew / etc.

Use Hawequas - thereby assisting us with income while having a great time!
Hawequas Management - how can we help you?
April 2013

Hawequas Update 6 February 2013

The bygone Vol-un-teer = A person who FREELY OFFERS to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task and sees it through, of own FREE will, without any thought of payment, danger or self-gain and return. Something unheard of in today's teachings of social behavior in a world being built on self-gain, power and destruction.

Strange as it may seem, but the best leaders, those who conjure up the most respect, gang together as one in team, achieve and get things done - are the true volunteers in any society, those who stand out in a crowd, always busy achieving things for nothing in return, but to the benefit of others. Serious, deep stuff this... which brings me back to this update from which I digress.

Have you ever stood on a place and imagined the place far better - visualizing it in the future? Imagining you could with the sweep of your hands level an area, fill a canyon, move a house, flatten a hill, turn a pile of rocks into a rugged mountain hut in a matter of seconds... like an implosion in reverse, having a vision of how things could / should be..., then working towards achieving that vision.

Now is your chance to join the elite amongst you, to volunteer, male or female, become part of a vision. Pick up your chainsaw, bush saw, pruners, spade, rake, pick, broom, sledge hammer, garden gloves - jump into your mobile transportation alone or with others, set the remote cruise control to "Hawequas", and come join us on the dates mentioned below from 9am - 5pm (more specs on this later).

We have huge trees to trim / remove / cut up / drag / pile, to combat damage and death in fierce windstorms that ravage our Scout Grounds regularly. Embankments to smarten, rocks to break, erosion to combat, areas to clear and so much more you can relieve your stress and bottled up anger on. We also need volunteers to bring out some nice homemade ice lemonade, triangular sandwiches (they taste better than square ones) or hot dogs for the workers... or just come out for support, to be part of a vibrant team, even if just to encourage or laugh at / with us...

Proposed dates (might change, but for now ok), also we could possibly sleep over?
Saturday 13 April, 20 July, 5 October

Then onto some brief cold news, our bottled water sales don't seem to be taking off at all... most disturbing seeing all that valuable fresh water simply running past us... at 5 liter / R20 notes per second floating down to Wellington.

The Ole Schroder House, entire Barn Area and Field Ablution upgrades are coming along very nicely, and only now some of the 2025 vision can clearly be seen taking shape. We hope to have the major upgrades complete by March end, before more projects are started. I'm impressed thus far, so just imagine how impressed you will be!

Use Hawequas - thereby assisting us with income while having a great time!
Hawequas Management - how can we help you?
February 2013

Hawequas Update 28 January 2013

It is with much regret that we report the parking meters were an absolute failure and produced no income. The meters were still under guarantee, so we returned them as not working and were paid back with minimal loss.

As regards Bookings for Hawequas, until further notice, these are now back with HQ in Goodwood as per normal for the moment.

We have recently given our Holiday Cabins (in photo) a nice facelift, and still going with green, we tarred them to fit into the surroundings with the telephone and power line poles. These Cabins are becoming very popular with back to back bookings at times. The view from here is to die for, especially at night while sitting next to your crackling fire, waiting for the coals to start that sizzling braai...

Much ongoing work has been crammed into these last few months while some took a holiday break. There's been large scale tree trimming, cleaning, leveling, clearing, planting, camping, pioneering, digging, building and many other ing's taking place. We hope to be complete with all present projects by end March, starting new projects with much gusto again in April.

Everyone turning up to see and use Hawequas have been amazed at what it has to offer. Recently we had 1st Sandy Bay turn out for a week long camp just to relax with nothing on, no fixed program, get away from it all, totally unwind, and what better place to relax with nature than Hawequas! In fact, they were so relaxed, they were laying and lighting fires.

As a further fund raising initiative, we are now selling bottled water, scooped out fresh from the running Dasbos River, with its origin high in the Hawequa Mountains, bubbling from the very earth at a never ending rate. Please bring your own 5 liter container, which will be sterilized and filled at R20 from the Wardens tap. It is believed that water from this river drunk regularly, will make you feel like a Cub again.

The Hawequas Open Weekend this year (free camping weekend to members), will be held in conjunction with the Provincial Quinn Trophy Fri 4 to Sun 6 October. This means that Scouts, Cubs and parents can come out for the weekend or a day for free. This is our way of promoting Hawequas and saying thanks to you all for regular support and usage. So Encourage your Scouts to camp, even if only for this one weekend because it's free. Bookings as usual, but camping / visits are free.

Then Lastly, we are still looking for someone who can assist with upgrading our bridge into Hawequas. We need to widen and strengthen it to take at least 50 tons + (present limit is 18 tons with a width restriction). Maybe there's a firm out there looking for part time project at donation-al cost? There are also many other projects waiting funding that need doing. No takers yet on the cement "Scout Statue"?

Use Hawequas - tell others about this mega-magnificent site!

Hawequas Management - we're there for you!
January 2013

Hawequas Update January 2013

Well... that's 2012 gone in a flash ...and 2013 taking off immediately with upgrades and developments continuing for your benefit, followed by unavoidable prices increasing from 1 February. Please, as stated in the last update, the prices are negotiable (in certain instances), we would much rather the place be used if needs be at a lower price, than no income at all and the place not used. The holiday period has seen much use and activity on Hawequas, for which we are all very thankful. We need to cover expenses (which are strictly monitored) and break even or better... show a profit this year to be able to go 'stand-alone' like our Sea Scout Base.

As a further initiative to generate much needed funds, we have started installing go-green parking meters, to encourage users to make use of the upper free parking area, in lieu of paying. A Chief Constable will patrol the whole area on a meter / clamping commission basis and offenders will have their wheels clamped, for an additional release fee.

On a more serious and factual note, have you considered just how fortunate you are here in the Western Cape. Imagine your friends (or others not your friends) amazement when you casually mention that you'll be away for the weekend on your farm... because that's what Hawequas is to every single member. A luxurious (well almost and getting there) country house nestled in the mountains, barn, bunkhouse, enormous fresh water pool, two running rivers cascading past, a secluded cottage, two cabins, massive open space, a place to see the stars, absolute peace and quiet, only 80km from Cape Town and at exceedingly reasonable rates! AND, day visits are free to members... AND two nights camping are free to members over the Hawequas Open Weekend in October each year. Do you know what you're missing by not using Hawequas? Also free parking... or you can even have your own parking meter for a weekend for your car... under a tree in the shade.

Just a thought at present, is there anyone out there who can make a life size statue of a Scout in cement and concrete, that can be erected on site. The figure must be such that it represents neutral, i.e. it could be a girl or boy once finished in uniform. Please contact me if willing and able.

On another note (excuse the pun), I always like to first ask within our ranks, before going outside (for the best price naturally)... sometime this year I'd like to get the Ole Schroder House piano upgraded and tuned properly, before we bolt in to the floor. Anyone in Scouting in this line of business, or can recommend someone highly reliable and of good repute before I look elsewhere?

Use Hawequas - tell others about this mega-magnificent site!

Hawequas Management - we're there for you!
January 2013

Hawequas New Prices

As reported in the last Hawequas Report, at the end of this financial year, our total profit (for the first time in 6 years we broke even) was not even R2 000. Hawequas is not geared to make large profits off users, thus we have kept our prices ridiculously low for many years. However, you need to understand, that to run a farm of this size with large overheads and price increases through the board, someone has to pay for us to survive.

The prices below come into effect from 1 February 2013, and before you all bombard me with mails, these have been discussed and approved through all levels, and still compare very 'cheap' to any outside site (do your own comparisons and you will find this to be so, comparing site and on offer to cost).


As in the past, anyone who has booked at this point in time, whether it be for March, June or even as far as December next year, AND paid a deposit to secure the booking, WILL get the booking at the current price (this is your present from us for planning ahead and following booking procedure).

As stated below PLEASE... do not stay away because prices are possibly "out of your range". Contact management or the booking office, WE WILL make a plan pricewise to suit your circumstances if valid. Do not stay away because you "cannot afford it".

You will also see that the longer you stay, the cheaper your daily rate becomes, with the new 20% discount to encourage 3 nights or longer stays. Where else do you get this service - a 20% discount or any discount for that matter?

The deposit very briefly - new rules:

  1. If you cancel your booking (unless for a very-very convincingly valid reason), you lose your deposit immediately - no negotiations.
  2. If you misbehave or upset the warden, you lose your deposit.
  3. If you leave lights on unnecessary, you will lose your deposit.
  4. If you break or damage anything on Hawequas, you lose your deposit + pay for repairs.
  5. If you break any Scout and / or Hawequas rules, you lose your deposit.
  6. If you mess the place and leave a mess (big or small), you lose your deposit.
  7. In fact if your conduct is not exemplary during your stay, you lose your deposit.


R300 DEPOSIT TO BE PAID WITHIN 5 DAYS OF BOOKING - R600 FOR NON-MEMBERS or your booking does not hold
No refunds in the event of cancellation or any site rules not adhered to!
There is a 20% discount for stays of 3 plus nights and longer (most fees are / night)
Prices are negotiable with management for special events or other instances




R50 Deposit per key

(Refundable on return)


R50 Deposit per key

(Refundable on return)


FREE per person per day


R20 per person per day


R15 per person per day / night


R40 per person per day / night


R350 per day / night 4 bunks

Plus camp fees (excludes 4)

(4x Bunk R60+ Kitchen, braai R140 only for exceptional cases)


R700 per day / night 4 bunks

Plus camp fees (excludes 4)

(4x Bunk R120 + Kitchen, braai R280 only for exceptional cases)


R300 per day / night

R600 per weekend 4 beds


R450 per day / night

R900 per weekend 4 beds


R250 per day / night

R500 per weekend 8 beds


R375 per day / night

R750 per weekend 8 beds


R600 per day / night 17 (32) bunks


R1 200 per day / night 17 (32) bunks


R100 per day / night


R200 per day / night


R300 per day / night 11 (18) bunks


R750 per day / night 11 (18) bunks


R100 per day / night 2 beds


R200 per day / night 2 beds


R2 000 per day / night


R3 775 per day / night

Hawequas Management
December 2012

Hawequas Update - 2012 and earlier

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